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J!Day Guatemala & J!Platform

J!Day Guatemala & J!Platform

During the first week of March Joomla! Day Guatemala was took place, with many speakers and workshops. There were people who were very interested in Joomla! and web development, but also those who were particularly interested in the Joomla! Platform.

Saturday was a day dedicated to workshops, including photography workshops, development of templates, and security in Joomla. There was also Marianella Queme, a Guatemalan girl with a great interest in Joomla! and the potential to develop through the J! Platform.

Given the interest and desire of the participants, with Marianella Queme they promptly organized a mini-workshop in one of the computer labs at Galileo University. Others interested in creating an application joined in, like Javier Gomez, Leonel Canton and Marianella Queme, to name a few.

The challenge was to create an application that was mobile devices friendly, through the J! Platform and JQueryMobile, and then make it available to the community through the J!Platform's examples repository on GitHub. We had the attendees, as well as the desire, so all that remained was to get down to work. It is important to note that Marianella did not know the J!Platform at this time!

After several attempts and a few little bugs, the result was succesful, surpassing all expectations.

Thanks to the contribution of Marianella and the work group, we were able to create an application that allowed us to show pictures from Google, Picasa or another photo archive through a beautiful effect JQuery on mobile devices.

Everyone who worked on developing this application had fun and were pleased with the successful results.

You can activate the Youtube CC to see the next video with Spanish subtitles.

You can access the application source from the GitHub repository through this link:



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