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Turning home-built into an on-brand illustrated showcase


As a business owner working with many global and household names, Abi knew she needed a website which truly reflected her services and personality.

Working with bespoke illustrations and professional copywriting, the finished website is a beautiful, custom result, to replace a dated and tired website that was no longer fit for purpose - demonstrating that Joomla can be used for stunning results at the same time!

The Purpose

My client is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant. They were referred to me by a connection on social media.

They were looking to raise the profile of their business, moving away from a dated website which was not presenting them or their services in the right way to their ideal clients. Having worked with some global brands, it was important that their website reflected the level they work at.

The old website was built on a DIY platform, and the client was not concerned over the choice of Joomla, they simply wanted to be sure any new website could deliver on their desires, whilst also being easily edited and updated as required.

The Approach

After an initial pause, whilst the client arranged some new branding and custom illustrations, the copywriting progressed first, before we took the approved content and began to create the initial page design drafts for review.

With a little back-and-forth between the client, ourselves, and their brand designer, we settled on the final page designs, and moved to build of the development website.

We exclusively work with the JoomShaper Helix Ultimate Framework and their SP PageBuilder Pro tools. Use of the core Joomla functionality for the media section allows for easy content additions, and training was provided (with pre-recorded videos available for reference) on using this feature and also for some basic page editing guidance via PageBuilder Pro.

The client was super-enthusiastic throughout the whole process, and to see the copy, illustrations, and branding brought to life with our designer was an exciting project.

There were more small revisions than anticipated post-build, which always brings me back to further highlighting our revision process and being clear who needs to be involved in this, to ensure we catch all design changes before build.

The Results

The client now has a genuinely on-brand website, clearly showcasing them and their services to their ideal clients - they love the final website, and how all of it together captures their personality and purpose.

There is a second website to come from the same client, which is more of a personal brand website than this company one. They’ve also referred me to another potential client, which I always feel highlights how they’ve felt when working with us themselves and have the trust we can deliver the right results for others as well.

Visit the live website here - www.thediversitypartnership.org

The Diversity Project Website Screenshot

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