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Save the Date!

Save the Date!

It's that time. The time of year when you start to organize your calendar and plan your events. I know, you should have done it January 1, start the year off right. You probably had every intention of making 2014 the year you were in complete control of your tasks, your projects, and your calendar. Now before you've even had time to breathe, it's February. I can't tell you how it happens but it always does - and now it has happened again. But don't worry, don't fret, and certainly don't give up on your goals. It's never to late to start planning. Which means now is the perfect time to discuss an important opportunity.

Announcing J and Beyond 2014

It is with great excitement I announce the upcoming event, J and Beyond on May 30 - June 1. This event has been held for several years and has proven to be a remarkable success. I am confident this year will be no different. The organizers are putting their years of experience together to create a truly unequaled event. This year the conference will be held near Frankfurt, Germany - right in the middle of Europe and a mere 20 minutes by taxi from Europe's largest airport. Let's look for just a second at what this means for you. There are so many reasons to put this event as a top priority it makes it hard for me to pick only a few to focus on but I'm going to try. Let's look at three reasons why you should attend J and Beyond: personal benefits, social benefits, and business benefits.

Personal Benefits

If you have never attended J and Beyond in the past you have deprived yourself of an incredible privilege. No other event compares to the quality of this event, the knowledge shared, and the wisdom gained. I guarantee you will find yourself almost overwhelmed with the volume of information and by the end you'll be begging for some downtime to process it all. J and Beyond encourages you to grow as a person.

Social Benefits

An event the size and caliber of J and Beyond only occurs once a year. As one of the largest events in the Joomlasphere, and one of the most popular Joomla events in Europe this gathering brings together some of the brightest and best in the industry. You'll have multiple opportunities to share ideas, talk shop, or just unwind with both familiar old friends and new friends as well. The evening social events will provide the perfect informal setting to continue the discussions begun during the session-packed days.

Business Benefits

The benefits to your business are clearly evident. Through your personal growth and your social connections you make you will find new sources for collaboration and business success. Obviously we all have ways we can improve and J and Beyond provides an environment to allow you to do just that. Make new friends and experience new levels of business success. Regardless of the nature of your business you will find immense value from this conference.

The Theme for 2014

The organizers are very aware of the many positive benefits of this event and understand the importance not only to you in the above areas, but also to the entire Joomla! community. Each year a theme is picked to represent the focus, the goal, of the conference. This year the theme was picked almost instantly. We've looked at a few of the benefits you'll gain personally from taking the time from your busy schedule to attend. It's a sacrifice on your part. It's a commitment to attend and focus on something other than your daily job. And it's an immense gift of your time to the Joomla community. But that's not where it ends. Because you gain something in return, you profit from this use of your time, it's not just a gift, it's not just a lost weekend, it's much much more. It's an investment. It's an investment in yourself, in your business, and in Joomla. It's from this idea the theme for the event was chosen. And so, I am pleased to announce the 2014 J and Beyond theme -

Investing in Our Future.

What Does This Mean

In recent years J and Beyond has offered extensive bug-squashing events and even some development sprints. But they've been in the evening each time or at other semi-unscheduled times. Working groups have been organized and met but they resulted in a lot of talking and discussion but not much else. This year, a completely new format has been created. The second day of the event will have a unique structure- in the morning you will be able to join prep sessions, discussions, or workshops but after lunch everyone will form into groups and work together to get things done. Hands-on things (and not just coding), an opportunity to immediately get involved and invest in our future as a community! That's pretty exciting and a brand-new concept. And with no mandatory stop time, the momentum can carry long into the night. It's completely up to you.

I'll leave you with a thought and a challenge. I encourage you to come, to be a part. Invest in the future of Joomla, invest in the future of your business, and invest in the future of yourself.

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