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Joomla! Web Development: A Game Changer for Young Entrepreneurs

Joomla! Web Development: A Game Changer for Young Entrepreneurs

I challenge the youth around the world to venture into business and become self-reliant - Joomla! can empower you to do that!

In a statement by Barbara Kasumu from Elevations Network speaking on youth employment, she said:

“Vocational and technical training qualifications need to be valued at the same level as traditional academic routes. Education alone does not guarantee employment outcomes and more must be done to ensure that work experience is fully integrated into a young person’s learning experience.” Source: http://thecommonwealth.org

I have now come to realize that it is important for us to become self-reliant and engage in entrepreneurship.

What is Entrepreneurship?

It is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit – According to Business Dictionary. We need to empower ourselves with skills, and venture into business, I don’t necessarily mean big business, no! Starting small is good enough. Many of the big companies we see today started small like Microsoft, Apple Inc. to mention just few. Hence, putting our skills into practice will serve as a self-starter and a game changer for youths around the world. Many youths have graduated from universities, colleges with good grades but ended up without suitable jobs. When you have skills, talent and great ideas you don’t need to wait for any company to hire you. Believe me, government alone cannot provide jobs for all; however, you can start by setting up a small scale business in your community.

By acquiring skills like Joomla! you can confidently approach any company, restaurants and even celebrities with a proposal to create a website for them. Now that technology and the internet are the most effective medium of doing business, many companies, be it small or large want an online presence and that’s where you come in. Different companies are looking for the development of their corporate websites, which can be developed using Joomla with much ease. With your Joomla! skills; the sky will not be your limit!

Having the skills and knowledge of web development will help you a long way because you will be able to start up your own web development business as well as become a Joomla! trainer. Being a Joomla! trainer, you could help spread knowledge and empower youths not only in your community but around the world. As for me, I take pride in sharing my skills and knowledge especially in Joomla and entrepreneurship; I have empowered youths, student, teachers, businessmen and women, even friends and colleagues on the effectiveness of using of Joomla! in Africa – Nigeria to be precise – and in Malaysia where I currently live.

Conclusively, Joomla! web development skills are indispensable for youths irrespective of your field of study or academic background; technical or NOT, because at the end you will realize that you need an online presence for your kind of profession. However, when it comes to website development and design, Joomla! offers endless possibilities on the web.

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