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Subtitle: the power of Joomla, but without the technical hassle, and for free? You would really like a modern, responsive website, that you can manage all by yourself. A great design, easy to add content to, yet complete with all modern web features and capable of growing with your business or your reader base. But … you’re no technical wizard. Hosting packages look all the same to you, and you couldn’t install a CMS to save your life. That’s a problem. Well, not really. Actually, not at all. Thanks to joomla.com, you can build your site with the most powerful and user-friendly CMS on the market, but without having to host, install or update it. And the cost is… nothing. Interested?

If you’re reading this magazine, you already know that Joomla is one of the most popular open source CMS currently available, running over 2% of all websites. It’s not just a piece of software: it’s a vibrant community of designers, developers, integrators and above all, users.

And when we say users, we mean all kinds of people. People who work for large companies, with a large marketing budget, or for small businesses, where they fill the shelves during the day and update their site in the evening. They do have one thing in common though: they know what they want to tell their customers: about their products or services, about happy customers and successful projects, about who they are and how they work. To make a great first impression, and turn each new visit into a business opportunity. They all need the best website they can get.

Like Philip. Philip runs a bike repair shop in the city, and his customers know he can fix whatever is wrong with their bicycle. But his technical skills end at the keyboard, so installing his own CMS is not an option. And his business profits go into new tools and new bikes, not to web designers. But Philip’s lucky to have Lucy as a client. Last time she came in to get a broken chain fixed, they got to talking about websites. Lucy runs a cat shelter, and tried everything there is to build an online presence, from blogging platforms (too limited) to ‘free web builders’ (too complicated) and Facebook (too … well you know). Now, she has her own professional site running on Joomla at homeforcats.joomla.com. All she had to do was register at joomla.com, pick one of the superb templates and start typing. No cost, no pain.

Yes, we invented Philip. But we didn’t invent Kiril, or Anna, or Georgios, some of the real joomla.com users you’ll discover in this series of articles following this one. Every edition, we’ll introduce you to one of the real sites hosted on joomla.com, and ask them to answer these simple questions:

  1. why they started their website on joomla.com
  2. what is the most important feature in making that possible
  3. what do they see as the next step for their site.

Because when you build a website at joomla.com, it’s really yours. That means you can build it, decide you need more features and take it to any hosting company you want, no questions asked. But then again, you might just do a single-click migration to your own hosting space at Siteground, the people who run the technical infrastructure behind joomla.com. So even when you’re not ready to think about the next step -- joomla.com is.

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