Leadership Highlights September 2013

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Goodbye and hello. When things come to an end, like a season, saying goodbye and welcoming the new is what we do. We say it at events and we have to say it in the project from time to time. It doesn’t always have to be sad to say goodbye and most of the time it is followed by a hello to the new.

A hello to a renewed home of the Joomla download files that got a makeover last month. The GForce code has been updated to the current version with help from Tony Bibbs and his team at GForge who graciously volunteered their time and resources to help out the Joomla project.

A goodbye is gradually getting visible for Joomla version 3.1. The deadline for new features in the new version 3.2 has already past by and a list of new features is circling around. We will all know for sure what those features are by the end of september.

One of those features might be the ‘App Store’, if you’re interested in participating on this project, please share your ideas on the form or respond on the email list.

A goodbye this month to Ron Sverdia as a member of the Production Leadership team who has dedicated his time for many years to the project. Thank you for all your efforts.

A hello to two new members on the leadership:
David Hurley, who already was involved as the Community Development Manager now joins the PLT.
The board of Open Source Matters voted Victor Drover as the preferred new board member with the intention to elect him in the Treasurer role in the next weeks.
A warm welcome to both on the leadership team.

The Community Leadership Team has been working for some time on renewing the Extension Directory. A Request for Proposals to develop a new listing management extension has been published.

On the road…

There are quite some JoomlaDay events coming up in September. You can say hello to Joomla users and leaders and join them in Lomé (Togo, West Africa), Germany, Switzerland, Spain and San Francisco

Talking about events, did you already purchase your ticket for the Joomla World Conference in Boston? We all hope to say hello to you there!

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Marijke Stuivenberg

Marijke Stuivenberg

Marijke Stuivenberg got involved in the Joomla Community since 2007. Starting with translating Joomla in Dutch and helping in the Bug Squad. She is also participating in the Joomla Translation Coordination Team en helps testing security issues in JSST.

As one of the co-founders of JoomlaCommunity.eu she is very active in the Dutch Community on many areas. She is the leader of the Dutch Translation Team which maintains the Dutch Translations for Joomla and many 3rth party extensions.

Currently she is filling the role of Secretary of Stichting Sympathy, the Dutch foundation that supports Joomla in the Netherlands and Secretary of the board of OpenSourceMatters.

Marijke is a musician by profession, in daily life she teaches young and old(er) how to play the Saxophone.