All You Need is (Joomla!) Love...

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The month of February is the month of love, and Joomler's know how to spread the Joomla! love!!
All You Need is (Joomla!) Love... image by @Helvecio

I've been using Joomla for a long time now (since it was Mambo) and I just wanted to share a few reasons on why I (and members of the JCM team) love Joomla.

It's flexible

What other CMS gives you responsiveness and an easy-to-use interface? Joomla allows you to create beautiful, full-featured websites without knowing much (if any) code.

It opens new career doors

How many of us are making a living using Joomla? I know of a lot of people whose main source of income is built around Joomla. 

It is a way of belonging to a family

With all the good and bad sides of a family, but... it IS a family.

It's a way to learn from each other

By getting involved you are in contact with colleagues from around the world who are willing to help answer questions or explain things to help you understand how something works (or doesn't).

It's a great way to expand your horizon

Those same colleagues bring with them their culture and a different perspective than what you may be accustomed to, we are each ambassadors in open source.

It has an amazing community

Joomla's community lets you get involved as much as you want to, encourages you to grow personally, and gives you opportunities to meet new friends which share your interests. 

It has great events

There are some great Joomla events coming up soon, make your plans now to attend and get to know your fellow Joomlers! 

What about you? 

Leave a comment and tell us why YOU love Joomla? 



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