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There are quite a few Joomla! Days in the near future around the globe thanks to so many volunteers including Bade Adesemowo of the 4th Joomla! Day in Nigeria. But I think a Joomla! night is a first, so I had a skype chat with the organizer Martin Blodau.
Joomla! Night SE Joomla! Night SE

Even though Sweden is a big country area-wise, it's fairly small when it comes to population density and even smaller when we talk about the Joomla! community. To get the Swedish Joomla! "core" together, Martin came up with the idea to have Joomla! Nights. Those are shorter gatherings focused around one topic and targeted towards people who are either Joomla! developers or interested in the technology. The first Joomla! Night will be held on Feb 4th 2011 in Stockholm. The website is available at

Starting at 17:45, the topic for the first Joomla Night is "At the edge of innovation" and Ryan Ozimek, president of OSM will present "Strategic overview of Joomla!", followed by a presentation of Molajo — the new Joomla! distribution, and the evening will close with a presentation by Johan Janssens on Nooku.

With the Joomla! Night format, Martin Blodau hopes not only to gather the Joomla! Developers, but also hopes it will help raise awareness about Joomla! among university students. It's Martin's vision to have more Joomla! Nights through out the year, and he also hopes the format will spread to other cities. He has already had a request to help organize another Joomla! Night in another part of Sweden.

Joomla Night SE
Stockholm, Sverige
4 February 2011, 17:45 - 21:00 + open ended discussions

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