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Open Source Matters: November 2010 Report

Open Source Matters: November 2010 Report

Open Source Matters is the non-profit organization managing legal, financial, and trademark related matters for the Joomla! project. November's report covers some of the initiatives begun over the past few weeks that have been shared with the community for feedback.

Fundraising News from the Capital Committee

Philip Locke is kicking off his OSM Capital Committee chairmanship by getting things done. The Sponsorship Team is growing with the addition of David Towers, a successful SEO expert and innovator in the UK who is also a Joomla! enthusiast. Additionally, David's company, MEC Global, will be sponsoring SEO support and reporting for the new joomla.org redesign. Other sponsorships in the works as of very recently include two Bronze Sponsorships and a 10K+ arrangement for 2011 from an extension developer. Phil is showing us the money!!! Way to go Phil!

Details about these items, joining the sponsorship team, and ideas for monetizing other areas can be found in Phil's post on the J!People site.

Project Management & Website Redesign

OSM is fortunate to have Kyle Ledbetter and Tobias Kuhn adapting Projectfork to the needs of OSM for improved project management. It has been exciting to view this process from the inside, as Tobias and Kyle implement functionality changes. Some of these changes have even made it into the new release, so that everyone can benefit.

A redesign for the OSM website is overdue, and last month Jacques Rentzke announced a website redesign. Details about the redesign process and how the community can get involved will be posted on the J!People site in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Read more about the project management and website redesign.

Election Process

A couple of weeks ago the community got a look at the draft seeking to better define the OSM election process. It covers election periods in the calendar year, length of terms, number of board members, and criteria for selection. The aim of this text is to clarify expectations, and ensure a timely and effective process overall.

Read more about the election procedure.
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