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I write this from San Jose following the third and closing day of the Joomla! Leadership Summit. This has been an incredible few days, not only for meeting fellow leadership team members, but also for discussing and making concrete plans for pushing the project forward.


This past month, I packed up 20 years of my life in Paris, France and moved back to the US. The process was difficult in that I needed to let go of a lot of things in order to be able to go forward. There is a lot of freedom in going through that process, and once I got started, it became easier to look ahead.

There is also an emotional aspect that a change as big as this brings about; letting go of the tried and true, the familiar and comfortable, to venture out to the unknown is scary. But what an incredible opportunity to be able to rebuild and redefine who I am.

Joomla!, now at five years old, is in much the same position as we experience our growing pains and we seek to define how we will go forth. We need to be bold enough to say what works, what doesn't work, and be willing to make the necessary changes to allow for growth and expansion.

We will be posting a report from the summit, followed by further updates as they are prepared. I am sure there will be a lot of discussions about these coming changes. We welcome those discussions, your voice needs to be heard. It is our hope that you will give us your feedback and suggestions on how you see Joomla! as it matures.

The ideas, the vision, the forward motion that have been set in place this weekend has been a joy to behold. A special thank you to the leadership team members who gathered from around the world, and also to Allen Gunn, aka Gunner, who facilitated these three days with good direction, patience and a grand sense of humor.

At our core, our community is dedicated to making Joomla! the best CMS in the world. Our rankings prove that, the dedication of our contributors confirms that…and, 25 million Joomla! websites can't be wrong!

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