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Written by | 01 January 2012 | Published in 2012 January
You have read the Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7 Beginner's Guide and want to know more? You are keen on doing your own stuff with Joomla!? You want to earn money by becoming a developer?
This book gives you an introduction into Joomla! developing and it is a good start for taking the next step.
  • Introduction
  • Prepare your Workstation
  • Write your own Component
  • Step 1 - The Basics
  • Step 2 - Database, Backend, Languages
  • Step 3 - The Cool Stuff
  • Write your own Module
  • Write your own Plugin
  • Write your own Template Overrides
  • Write your own Layout Alternative
  • Write your own App using Joomla! Platform
  • Common mistakes
  • Publish your Extension to the Joomla! Extension Directory
  • What is GIT?
  • Contribute Code to the Project
  • Localisation using OpenTranslators
  • Running a Business Around Joomla! Extensions
  • What is PHP?
  • What is Object-Oriented Programming?
  • What is MooTools?

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