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Joomla! Is the Perfect Solution

Joomla! Is the Perfect Solution

I hope this article can help both you and me. I have been working with Joomla! for some time now, and I've improved my knowledge of it since version 2.5.5. As time went by, I got a job and then went back to college. Joomla! is the best CMS in my opinion, and thanks to it I have already created two personal projects.

I have had experience working with Joomla not only from this year, but also from earlier projects.

This year I had to work for a company for three months in order to graduate, in hopes of getting a good score (F=0 to A++=20)!

During those three months, my mission was to give ideas for a web project and use/create a good CMS, which everyone can understand and use easily. Some people agree with the use of a CMS, and some disagree. I recommended that the company to use the best: Joomla!, as it is easily customizable, easy to add new features and use with minimal knowledge, and so on. However, the CEO chose wanted to build the system from scratch. So, I tried to convince him to use Joomla! for this project and gave him some reasons why it was the perfect solution.

Joomla! offers many positives aspects:

  • It is fast and efficient.
  • The "knowledge" of the code is not in the hands of one programmer.
  • It is easy to manage and update by the end user, with little knowledge and training.
  • There is no problem that doesn't have a solution: one can find answers on the internet, in case of problems.
  • Joomla has a huge community of users and developers worldwide.
  • Imagination is the limit. Thanks to all the extensions available, it is easy to add new features.
  • It has Native Responsive design with Bootstrap.
  • "Time is money". Once the site is live, it won't cost much to add new features and there will be almost no custom code to write.
  • There are millions of ideas on the Web on how to extend it.

But according to my CEO:

  • One month for training is too long.
  • Only the website builder (developer) can instruct others quickly.
  • There isn't enough time to instruct employees how to use Joomla.
  • If I no longer work for the company, no one will be able to solve problems quickly.

Also he points the positive aspects of creating a CMS from scratch:

  • It can be based on the same structure that is already used in the company.
  • It is original.
  • No one ("hackers") knows how it was built and what the system does.
  • It can always be changed by someone else.

I tried to convince him that the negative aspects of building a site from scratch would be numerous:

  • Major security risks.
  • A long time to build it.
  • It is never a good solution.
  • If I do not write a complete documentation of the code, any change will take a long time.
  • Any question will be more difficult to answer.
  • It is never completely done.
  • Cost: it is much more costly to code a site from scratch than create it with the building blocks of Joomla.

These are only some points I shared with him to express my point of view. But in the end, he decided that building a CMS from scratch was the best solution. For me it meant getting more experience, but I know that Joomla! was the best solution, as it is used by thousands of people with the same goal: to develop a better CMS.

On that day, I went home and remembered that people are always afraid of new things. But in the end, it's always the client's decision and I have to do what he wants and there is no point going against him. That's life.

My professor in college, who taught me all this, told me some of the situations he went through as a programmer. Now it's my turn to see that life repeats itself, over and over again.

Note: I don't mean to say I dislike my job, but my experience and my judgment says that Joomla is the best way, because everyone learns from it and evolves, not only myself.

This article has been translated by Helvecio da Silva from the original article Joomla! é a solução perfeita by Diogo Jesus
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