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Leadership Highlights May 2014

Leadership Highlights May 2014

May is the month when we see our seeds planted in earlier days come to flower. It looks like this is not only happening in nature, but also in our project. A shiny new version just released, a shiny new board of Open Source Matters, eager to turn the page to a new exciting chapter for the Joomla! project.

After a series of beta releases and testing by the community, the Production Leadership Team announced the immediate availability of the new Joomla 3.3 version yesterday.

Do more

Improvements on security, microdata and the routing system are just the tip of the iceberg to be found in the new version. A complete list of all the work many volunteers helped on is available. If you think that’s it, this is the most stable version ever, you’re right, but also wrong! Working on the new version 3.4 already started today and is planned to be released in July this year.

If you still have some questions about the new release cycle, you can read the Faq provided for you by the PLT.

A new OSM board

Earlier last month Open Source Matters conducted its first Annual Meeting of the Members. This is a requirement for the type of organisation that applies to OSM. At this meeting all board directors were elected by the members. A new board of 13 directors has been chosen.

A new President

Immediately after the members meeting, the new board elected their officers. Sarah Watz will be OSM’s new president for the next year. She is the first president who is not US based, and in many interviews she declared that her goals for her presidency will be implementing and improving internationalization and all the aspects that come with it. You will find an interview elsewhere in this issue with Sarah.

In the following issues of this magazine we plan to have more interviews with the new board directors.

Meet the community in…

The Joomla Event Travel Programme selected 25 community members, representing 16 countries to help them get to Königstein, Germany and attend the international JandBeyond conference from May 30th - June 1st. Later this summer a call will go out to support volunteers attending the Joomla World conference on November 7th - 9th in Cancun, Mexico. Don’t miss these opportunities to meet the international community and most of the leadership team members.

This month you can also meet up in:

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