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Get Involved With Joomla!

Get Involved With Joomla!

Anyone can contribute to Joomla and have a say in it’s future - including you! Joomla is 100% volunteer based and countless volunteers over the past ten years have made it what it is today. We are the future of Joomla and every person makes a difference. Our community is diverse and there are so many ways to contribute it can seem complicated. These tips will help you get involved with the Joomla community.

Why Get Involved?

Joomla is open source and it is freely available for our use, it's one of the reasons we love Joomla. It takes volunteers and contributions to keep it this way. We’ve all used Joomla for our own purposes and gotten something out of it, and the spirit of open source software is giving back. Our contributions keep Joomla alive. Our volunteer efforts help it grow and become better for everyone. The future of Joomla depends on community contributions.

You Can Change The World!

Really, you can! We all have ideas for how Joomla could be better, and most likely there are thousands of other people thinking the exact same thing you are. Maybe you’ve come across these people on forums or social media while searching for an answer. There is no shortage of online discussions about things that could be better or people expressing frustrations with an issue. You could add to that conversation or you could be the person that solves that problem for everyone.

By solving a problem for ourselves, we’re also solving that problem for everyone else in our community all around the world.

Where Do We Start?

We can contribute in many ways regardless of our background or experience. Updating a piece of documentation can save others time. Making an adjustment to an interface can make something easier. A tutorial can help others learn. A magazine article can inspire. A community meeting can build relationships and friendships. Anything you can think of will help and nothing is too small.

We all use Joomla for different reasons and we all have different ideas about how to make it better. Our different perspectives are valuable in different areas of the community and we are most passionate about solving problems that are meaningful to us. Passion fuels our community and there are plenty of places we can help out. Find the places that suit you the most and do everything you can.

Become A Joomler and Tune Into Joomla Channels:

  • Visit the Volunteer Portal. Find teams that relate to your areas of interest and expertise. Get involved with those teams, find out what they need help with.

  • Follow Joomla on Social Media, signup for RSS Feeds and email lists. Keep your eyes open for volunteer calls.

Find Your Own Ways to Help:

  • Make a list of things that you know can can help with.

  • Make a list of things that frequently slow you down while you’re working, or recurring challenges you wish were easier to deal with.

  • Make a list of community resources that you had problems finding or using, that could be better, or that should exist.

  • Find threads on the forum and social media where people are frustrated or looking for solutions. Make a list of any issues if you feel you can assist with.

The point of making these lists is to find things YOU can make better. Sharing problems you discover can be helpful, but finding ways to solve them is more helpful.

All of our challenges are actually opportunities to contribute. Be part of the solution!

How Do I Start?

We’re always searching for ways to make the volunteer process easier, but getting involved is a process. The exact process will be different in certain working groups or teams, and you may need to search around to find your place. Here are some tips to help guide you through the process:

  • Be Patient

    Learning about Joomla and how our community works takes time. While you’re learning about us we’re also learning about you. Be patient with the process and with other community members.

  • Be Understanding

    Remember that ALL community members are volunteers. Some are very busy, and not everyone is always available. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from someone right away, or if you have to contact several people to find the answers you’re looking for. Stay positive, keep working at it and keep trying.

  • Start Small

    Find easy ways you can help and look for tasks you can accomplish on your own. Take the initiative to find solutions to simple problems and offer them to the community.

  • Manage Your Schedule

    Stick to tasks that fit into your schedule and don’t overextend yourself by taking on too too much. It’s better to make small contributions than it is to overcommit to large projects that you don’t have time for.

  • Follow Through

    If you commit to helping with something, live up to that commitment. If you’re not able to follow through for any reason, let someone know as soon as possible and find someone else to take over.

  • Be Persistent

    Your contributions will add up over time. A small contribution may not seem like much, but if you keep making them they will make a big difference in the long run.

  • Remember That You Make A Difference

    Everything we do in our community makes a difference and every contribution matters. This is always true, even if it doesn't always feel that way.

Every Volunteer Makes a Difference

As individuals we have the power to make Joomla better. All we have to do is volunteer some of our time - whenever we can, however we can. Every contribution matters and you can make a difference.

The first step is making the choice to be involved!
Visit the Volunteer Portal and find something you can help with.

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