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Joomla! is the People

Joomla! is the People

When I first discovered a CMS, years ago, I saw a tool that would help me broaden my menu of services as a designer. After all these years, I feel as if I have gone through a life changing experience and I thank a thriving community of people from different parts of the world who work together, in diferent areas, to keep Joomla alive.

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and run my own graphic design studio. I spend most of my day talking and exchanging ideas and experiences with different people from all parts of the planet. And finding new work, too!

My life was before I decided to go to the very first Joomla World Conference in 2012. I wondered if it would be really a good idea, after all, I'm an extremely shy person when it comes to socializing in a unknown territory. I didn't know anyone who would be there in person. Some, hardly online. Well, it turned out I found the most welcoming environment ever!

I met people from all the corners of the world who use, love and make a living out of Joomla. Just like me. I was definetely not alone. After three days, the more people I knew, the more I wanted to get involved. I felt like I belonged! During the event, I (re)discovered the Joomla Community Magazine and how to contribute with what I know: illustrating and writing.

I read somewhere "Spread the Joomla love" glued to the lid of a laptop computer. And, how to keep spreading the Joomla love? I have no final conclusion on that, but I believe a good starting point is: let people know how Joomla can change their lives.

It sure did change mine! And it still does!

How about you? How has Joomla changed you life? Share with us your story and inspire others to open up to a fantastic new world of wonderful people working, all together, as a whole!

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