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A Thank You to OSM & the Joomla Community from CloudAccess.net

Written by | 01 October 2014 | Published in 2014 October
We want to send a big thank you to Open Source Matters and the entire Joomla Community for allowing us to be the official host of demo program for the past four and a half years. We were fortunate to serve the community in this capacity for so long and we look forward to making a lot of great contributions to the project for years to come.

Truth be told, we are sad to lose this relationship with the community. We were a catalyst in turning the 30-minute trial into a free 30-day demo that included training and support resources that set a really high standard. Over 500,000 demo sites have been launched on our platform and we’ve been instrumental in getting Joomla in the hands of countless new users worldwide. We’re proud of what we accomplished together.

To OSM Board Members Past & Present:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Working with you afforded us the opportunity to build a brand, a company and a service that revolves around one of the best open source content management systems in the world.

To the Joomla Community:

Words cannot convey the appreciation we have for all of you who have tried our platform and all of you who continue to use our services. We've met many of you online and at conferences and your support means the world to us. We’ll always be here to help you build your online presence!

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