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Danish Joomladay2012 at IBC Innovationsfabrikken Kolding

Written by | 01 November 2012 | Published in 2012 November
at IBC Innovationsfabrikken Kolding  

This article can also be read in Danish

The brand new premises at IBC Inovationsfabrikken, formed a distinguished background for the JoomlaDay2012 event.

We had 150+ participants, and more than 30 speakers. Many exciting, informative and fun talks were offered.

We had the idea to assign different user levels to the talks, which turned out to be a really good idea. 

It was my clear impression that everyone present got a lot out of this event, through lectures, networking and gatherings. 

Shortly after JoomlaDay2012 started, assistance was provided from website-builders, SEO experts and others to those who had problems with their websites or programming. 

It was great to see, that Joomla is about sharing with others. It was just great! 

A big thank you to the IBC Kolding for making the “Innovationfactory” available to us.

Thank you to sponsors and speakers as well, and to  IBC's fine kitchen, that just delivered! 

And last but not least, the team behind the event, with Mettte Schmidt Will as coordinator. 

I'm already looking forward now to 2013, where we will hopefully see each other again for another JoomlaDay!

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