The X Factor and Women in Joomla!

Written by | 01 December 2012 | Published in 2012 December
Conference attendance statistics showed that we had 23% women at the first Joomla World Conference. We need to raise that number, not only for the next JWC, but for all of our events! 
The X Factor and Women in Joomla! Jimmy Ko - "Connecting artists to possibilities."

In this day and age, women in tech is not a given – it should be a given, but it isn't... the numbers just aren't there.

Women need to have a more vocal and prominent place on the tech stage. Given that we have the edge in the overall population by a few percentage points, how is it that we are a minority in the tech field?

Here are a few questions to the community:

Please comment and let us know how we can help open the playing field and be more inclusive of women. Your honesty is appreciated.

  • Is there anything that holds you back from attending, or speaking at a Joomla event?
  • Is there anything that prevents you from becoming more involved in the Joomla community?
  • What can Joomla Leadership do to promote more women in Joomla?

Let's be vocal and move Joomla into the forefront of real equality.

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Dianne Henning

Dianne Henning

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