Six students, six projects, a lot of codes. Google Summer of Code 2016 has crossed its midterm line. Our students running Joomla! projects are working hard with the support of their mentors and admins*. Will they finish in time? Will their projects bring good results for the Joomla! Project and for the Joomla! users?
Published in 2016 July
Many Joomla! website owners/super-users need to know what other users are changing in their website especially at large scale websites with many users and various access privileges. My proposal for the Joomla! project “Recording actions logs, accessible by super admin” in Google Summer of Code 2016 was the one selected. In this article, I explain how I see the project and what would be the outcome of it.
Published in 2016 June
Monday, 06 June 2016 00:00

Shareable Draft Content

The unpublished drafts cannot be shared by using the present system. Hence, the user has to share the draft using external entities or services like cloud (Google drive and Dropbox), physical storage or by simple email. To overcome this drawback the proposed solution is to enable draft sharing using Joomla by making use of a sharable link (as seen in Google Drive/Dropbox). Anyone having this link would be able to view the draft. The basic idea is to enable draft sharing in a Joomla work environment and thus overcome the existing drawbacks and enhance the functionalities of the Joomla! CMS
Published in 2016 June
No one likes to do repetitive tasks when there is a solution to reduce them. I was selected this year on Google Summer of Code to make the life of multi-lingual platform admins easier. The challenge is to change the way Joomla! deals with several components in a multi-lingual platform. It can be performed in a single page in a side-by-side way, instead of being limited to the “new”-”save and close” loop for items referring to the same thing.
Published in 2016 June
Monday, 06 June 2016 00:00

Just married: Joomla and Jasmine

The set of custom JavaScript libraries in Joomla currently does not have any tests written for it. This summer, as a project done under Google Summer of Code 2016, over 90% test coverage will be achieved over those libraries and this article tells the story of how that is happening.
Published in 2016 June
Let us suppose a new Joomla user, Yash. This article presents a simple idea how Joomla menu item workflow can be simplified for new users such as Yash. As a part of my project for Google Summer of code, I'll be discussing the current menu item workflow in Joomla, its disadvantages and how it can be improved for new Joomla users.
Published in 2016 June
All of us, Joomla! users, expect to have our favorite CMS improved regularly. And we expect too that the updates will bring us just new functionalities and not new errors. To reach this expectations, automated tests run each time that a new change is made in the code to check the basic functionalities. The challenge is: how to make these tests better?
Published in 2016 June
Thursday, 05 May 2016 05:53

Introducing GSoC 2016 Team

We are proud to introduce to Joomla! Community the team of students selected to join us for the Google Summer of Code 2016. They show all our J!Diversity. Considering students and mentors, we have men and women from all continents in the world coding with us over next summer. 
Published in 2016 May
Saturday, 01 November 2014 00:00

Summary for Date Package, Part 2

Don't like how translations are handled in Joomla\DateTime? Maybe you want to change some functionality for date calculations? Ok, that's not a problem. Let's customize your DateTime objects.
Published in 2014 November
GSoC 2014 with the Project named SQL Optimization for Joomla CMS has come to an end which can be considered as a success full project according to my opinion. This project was not only otoptimize the queries but also to analyze the weaknesses and to find solution as well as research in new enhancements. After four months of hard work I came up with some solutions which can be identfied as the first step of a long journey of Joomla!'s database optimization. The vision of this project was to give my contribution to make Joomla! better than other Content Management Syetems and I hope I have given a contribution which will be a starting step of a long journey.
Published in 2014 September
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