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Welcome to the Joomla! Community Magazine. In each monthly issue you will find stories that will educate, inform, challenge, and inspire you. And because we encourage community members to submit articles to the JCM, we also hope you will think about what makes Joomla! special to you, and then come back here to share your story with the rest of the community. And that is really what the JCM is all about: Helping members of the Joomla! community connect with each other and share their stories. We would love to publish yours!

Mission Statement

The JCM publishes resources, reviews, news, and insights with an emphasis on the positive things happening in the Joomla! project and its community. It is a platform for informing about what can be accomplished with Joomla!, for allowing community members to share their stories and connect with each other, and for promoting better understanding between project leadership and the community. It highlights the contributions of community volunteers, and provides information about different opportunities to support the Joomla! project and its community.

Content Structure

The JCM is organized by different topics, and each issue contains new articles for each topic. There is a topics menu on the right sidebar of all JCM pages that allows you quick access to all articles in the current issue. You can click on the issues link in the main JCM navigation menu to find articles from previous JCM issues.

Here is a summary of what is covered in each of our different topics:

  • Editor’s introduction: This is set aside for JCM lead editors to introduce each issue to our readers.
  • Feature stories: Interesting stories on a wide variety of subjects of broad interest to the Joomla! community
  • Extensions and Services Evaluations: Team EaSE picks a type of GPL Joomla! extension or service for each issue and publishes in-depth descriptions and comparisons of popular choices. 
  • Website case studies: Each issue takes a close up look at an interesting and unique Joomla! website. You'll learn about how they were built and who built them, what challenges were encountered and how they were overcome, and more.
  • Leadership connections: This topic features articles and updates from the main Joomla! leadership teams: The Production Leadership Team, The Community Leadership Team, and Open Source Matters.
  • Joomla! events & Joomla! User Groups: Each issue takes an in-depth look at recent or upcoming Joomla! Events or local Joomla! User Groups which may be found all around the world.
  • Joomla! in the press/media: This is a collection of links to recent Joomla! related articles from online news and media sources.
  • Designers studio: This topic covers subjects of interest to website designers.
  • Developers workbench: This topic covers subjects of interest to website developers.
  • Administrators toolkit: This topic covers subjects of interest to website administrators.
  • Did you know...?: Learn about using features or a combination of features of Joomla! and Joomla! extensions to innovate, then share with the community and inspire others by contributing your insights!
  • International stories : This topic provides an opportunity for members of the worldwide Joomla! community to submit their stories in their own language.
  • On the lighter side...: Cartoons and illustrations about Joomla! and related subjects. Come in to take a look, and leave with a laugh and a smile!

Learn more about these topics

Contribute an article or idea, or join the JCM team

Engaging the community and encouraging participation is central to the JCM's mission. Each article provides the opportunity for community members to leave comments and interact with each other and the author. Each JCM article also features a “Contribute” module in the upper area of the right sidebar. In that module is a brief summary of what subjects that topic covers and what type of community participation is encouraged, along with a link to  allow community members to take the next step of submitting an article or idea for an upcoming article.

The JCM has a team of friendly and helpful editors standing by to help you with your article. We have also developed extensive Author Resources content to help make the process of writing and submitting an article easier.

The JCM team is always looking for more creative, bright, talented, and passionate community members who are interested in joining our team of committed volunteers. Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there is an existing role that you would be interested in helping with, or if you have an idea for a new topic or feature for the JCM that you would like to help bring to the community!

Team members and organizational structure

The JCM team is composed of committed volunteers from all over the world who are creative, bright, talented, and passionate about Joomla! and its community. The team is structured in a way to encourage collaboration, support cross-training and allow for backups for roles, to share the work and be sustainable for the long term.

  • Lead Editor: Dianne Henning, Alice Grevet
  • Style Guide Team: Dianne Henning
  • Workflow Team: Mark Bender
  • Promotions Team: Miljan Vujosevic, Milena Mitova, Mark Bender
  • Webmasters: Dianne Henning, Alice Grevet
  • Business Matters Editors: Luke Summerfield, Gabe Wahab
  • Dev Team: Olivier Nolbert, Simon Wells
  • Features Editors: Alice Grevet
  • Website Case Studies Editors: Sully Sullivan
  • Leadership Connections Editor: Alice Grevet
  • Joomla! Events/Joomla! User Groups Editor: Jon Neubauer, Jacques Rentzke
  • Joomla! Books Editor: Milena Mitova
  • Help Wanted Editor: Dianne Henning
  • Joomla! in the News/Media Editor: Mark Bender
  • Joomla! Haikus Editor: Dianne Henning
  • Designers Studio Editor: Anthony Olsen, Kyle Ledbetter
  • Developers Workbench Editor: Arlen Walker
  • Administrator’s Toolkit Editor: Mark Bender
  • Did you know...? Editors: Nick Antimisiaris
  • International Stories Editor: Alice Grevet
  • International Stories Language Volunteers: Mahmood Alhaj Kassem, Michael Pohlhaus, Marco Bertolini, Alikon, Norito Yoshida, Sovann Heng, Abigailis Abaris, Sam, Svetlana Zec, Isidro Baquero, Kengatharaiyer Sarveswaran, Ugur Uygur, Chamara Disanayake
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Paul Orwig

Paul Orwig

Paul is a freelance web solutions provider based in Parker, Colorado, USA. He is the President of the board of directors for Open Source Matters, a former member of the Joomla! Community Leadership Team, a former Webmaster for the Joomla! community portal, and he was the founding Lead Editor for the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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