Custom Fields - special issue 2 - more plugins and extensions

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So you want to play with Custom Fields but you want more ? Like more Types of Custom Fields (to display Maps, Galleries, Download buttons, ...) ? Or like extensions which have integrated Custom Fields making them more flexible ? Or even like extensions especially designed to make Custom Fields easier to use ? Well hopefully you will be happy because I have tried to gather them all... and if I missed one please just tell me and I'll be happy to update the list ;)

First and above all, the right place to find extensions is of course the Joomla Extensions Directory.

Beginning 2018, a new Category called "Custom Fields" has precisely been added to the JED, which is an excellent thing : 

But this underestimates the number of available plugins/extensions because :

  1. not all authors have moved their extension to that Category, especially if the main purpose of the extension fits better in another Category
  2. many authors have just published their work on Github for instance since new Custom Fields are per se "just little plugins"

There is no particular order in the following list. I simply mention all plugins/extensions I have heard of - be it free or paid - since the aim is here to share a maximum of information.

Custom Fields Plugins (= new Types)

By Allon Moritz (free) :

  • Gallery field
  • Google Map field
  • Article field (to link an article to another)
  • Media field (with more options than the default one)

By Elisa Foltyn (free)

By Tassos Marinos (free and paid)

  • Already available
    • YouTube Field
    • Google Maps Field
    • Vimeo Field
    • DailyMotion Field
    • Facebook Video Field
    • HTML5 Video Field
    • HTML5 Audio Field
    • SoundCloud Field
    • True/False Field
    • Timepicker Field
    • Currency Field
    • Country Field
    • Bing Maps
    • IFrame
    • Progress Bar
    • Download Button
    • Module Field (Pro only)
  • Available soon
    • File Upload Custom Field
    • Facebook Page Like Custom Field
    • Twitter Custom Field
    • WhatsApp Custom Field
    • Repeater Custom Field
    • Countdown Custom Field
    • Flickr Custom Field
    • QR Code Custom Field
    • Gravatar Custom Field

By Sergio Iglesias (free)

By JUG Nuremberg (free)

By (free)

By Lomart (free)

By Christian Hent (free)

By RegularLabs (free/paid)

By Stereonomy (free/paid)

By Joomill (free/paid)

See the differences between free/paid on

By Nordmograph (paid)

By EasyLayouts (paid)
This extension (see below) comes with 2 extra Custom Fields :

  • Related Article Custom Field
  • Managed Location (with JEvents)

By JoomlaXTC (paid)

By FireCoders (paid)

Par Cory Webb (paid)

  • CW Field Display : 
    With CW Field Display, you can either set a specific context and item ID in the module parameters, or allow it to use the current page's context and item ID. You can also set specific fields or field groups to be displayed or allow it to display all custom fields. This module gives you greater control over how and where you display custom fields on each page because it makes it possible to display custom fields outside of the component's output.

By Perfect Web Team (paid)

PWT Image is a paid extension allowing to resize/crop/... images and for example force a given ratio.

Since 20.10.2018, it can also be used as an independent Custom Field

By Cédric Keiflin (paid)

Custom Fields CK allows to customize the layout of Custom Fields

Extensions having integrated Custom Fields to offer more flexibility

DP Calendar (free/paid)

EasyLayouts (paid)

Allows to create your layouts easily without having to play with Overrides & Alternate Layouts


Acymailing (free/paid)

Since version 5.9 AcyMailing integrates Custom Fields, as seen on the changelog :

  • Joomla article custom fields handled when inserting articles
  • Joomla user custom fields handled in user information insertion and mass actions

Since version 5.10, Joomla custom fields can be inserted in a custom plugin template using the syntax {custom:my_field}

CSV Improved (paid)

OS Downloads by JoomlaShack (paid)

Since Januari 2018 you can add your Custom Fields :

Filters and Custom Fields

Sometimes you want to filter on Custom Fields.

According to your needs, we have found different solutions :


Canonical URL (free)

It is not a Custom FIeld as such, but an example of use of Custom Field in order to get a canonical URL in Joomla

An override of the Email plugin

The native Email plugin displays "mailto:" in the front-end, which is not very nice.

So here is a nice little override that will not only drop this "mailto:" text, but also allow to choose between "my Description" or "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." for the display

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