Custom Fields - special issue 1 - list of resources

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After 3 Episodes published in the previous editions of the Joomla Community Magazine, hopefuly you can't wait to know more about Custom Fields. Therefore we are working on the next Episodes of course, but it is now time to share with you our own list of resources. For example, did you know that Custom Fields were on the agenda of not less than 14 JoomlaDays / Conferences ? Click on the links below and you will know everything !

General resources

First things first : the official website of Joomla Documentation 

Joomla Extension Directory

  • beginning 2018, a new Category called "Custom Fields" has been added to the JED (Joomla Extensions Directory), which is an excellent thing
    (but note that not all authors have moved their extension to that Category, especially if the main purpose of the extension fits better in another Category)

General articles




Specific tutorials

"How to Add Custom Fields to Joomla! Contact Forms" (EN)

Elisa Foltyn published on her site a tutorial showing how to build your own Custom Field plugin :

"Custom Fields in Joomla! 3.7" by Viviana Menzel & Stephan Augsten (DE)

Custom Fields at Conferences

Joomladay DE (Nürnberg, 9-10/11/2018)

JoomlaDay FR (Paris, 18-19/05/2018)

JoomlaDagen NL (Eindhoven, 13-14/04/2018)

Joomla Camp DE (Joomla Unconference - 03/02/2018 - DE)

Joomla User Group Provence-Marseille (09/01/2018 - FR)

Joomla World Conference Rome (17-19/11/2017 - EN)

JoomlaDay DE (22-23/09/2017 - EN)

JoomlaDay UK (08/07/2017 - EN)

J&Beyond (02-04/06/2017 - EN)

JoomlaDay Marseille (12-13/05/2017 - FR)

JoomlaDay Austria (02-03/12/2016 - EN)

Joomla World Conference (11-13/11/2016 - EN)

JoomlaDay Germany (16-17/09/2016)

JoomlaDay UK (13/02/2016)

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Marc Dechèvre

Marc Dechèvre

Marc Dechèvre makes his very first website in 1994, when the web was still quite confidential.

In 2008, he discovers Joomla, its strenghts... and the power of its Community.
That Community gave him a lot... so in return he is very pleased to try to give back.

So that is why he's happy to be a regular speaker (in French / English / Dutch) at

  • international conferences like :
    • JoomlaDay FR
    • JoomlaDay NL
    • Joomla World Conference
    • CMS Africa Summit
  • meetings of several Joomla User Groups :
    • JUG Wallonie (French-speaking Belgium), being co-organizer
    • JUG Vlaanderen (Dutch-speaking Belgium)
    • JUG Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso, West Africa), that he founds after having lived there a few years

In addition, he regularly publishes articles, available a.o. on 


En 2016, he is the 1st French-speaking person to get the Joomla Certification.

In 2017, he enters the Board of AFUJ (Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Joomla), the French-Speaking Association of Joomla Users.