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Joomla Day Brazil 2018

Written by | 11 July 2018 | Published in 2018 July
After three years, Brazil will again organize its Joomla Day in August, which will take place in the city of Guarulhos, the main financial, corporate and commercial center of South America. JCM interviews Kazuo Gomi Filho, one of the organizers, about the event.

Joomla Community Magazine: When and where is JDBR 18 happening?

Kazuo: Joomla Day Brazil 2018 will happen from August 10 to 12 in Guarulhos, São Paulo.

JCM: Why Guarulhos?

Kazuo: Because it is a central city, close to Guarulhos International Airport, the largest in Brazil, there are highways that link to São Paulo and several other cities around and because it is a city that supports new technologies.

JCM: Where is the venue of Joomla Day Brasil 2018?

Kazuo: It will be held at Eniac College, an institution which encourages the area of technology and information. With this, the event will have rooms prepared to receive workshops and a large auditorium to accommodate all the joomlers.

JCM: What can we expect from the event this year?

Kazuo: After a few years without a JoomlaDay in Brazil, we hope to have a great event again, offering relevant talks for the Joomla community and the new ones that are coming.

JCM: Is there still room for anyone to give a lecture?

Kazuo: We have already selected all presentations. However, we are open to receiving new requests in case of any last minute withdrawal.

JCM: Does the organization need volunteers to help with the event?

Kazuo: We are always open to community volunteers. Send us a message to us by introducing yourself and showing your interest.

JCM: Any surprises for the participants?

Kazuo: Our lecture grid will offer, besides lectures related to Joomla, talks on ergonomics in work environments, accounting (opening a business in Brazil), plus a wonderful and useful surprise gift.

JCM: Will the Joomla Administrator Exam be offered?

Kazuo: Our intention is to offer the qualification, but we are still awaiting feedback from the team responsible for this area within the Joomla Project.

JCM: Would you like to add something else?

Kazuo: Yes! Although we have little support from the international community and Joomla companies for the event, we are very proud to be making Joomla Day Brazil a reality, even though we have to pay for a lot of the expenses on our own.

JCM: Where can we sign up for more information about Joomla Day Brasil 2018?



JoomlaDay Brasil 2018
August 10-12, 2018


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