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GSoC at the Joomla World Conference 2017

Written by | 05 December 2017 | Published in 2017 December
GSoC 2017 was also Joomla’s 10th anniversary in the program. At the Joomla World Conference, 5 students and their mentors came together, meeting for the first time in person. The event also offered the opportunity for Students, Mentors and Admins of the program to share their experience with the program to the Global Community through a panel hosted by Nick Burch from the Apache Foundation.

Google Summer of Code ended already some months ago, but as every year we invited our successful students to the Joomla World Conference.

This year conference was held in Rome, Italy, so it was not only the conference they could enjoy, but also one of the most historical and most beautiful cities in the world!

Five students from successful projects joined us in a panel discussion with the GSoC Admins and two mentors to answer questions and share their experience during the last year.

The biggest benefit of bringing our Google Summer of Code Students to Joomla’s major conference is that they get to see the Joomla community, and learn more about different teams and see where they can continue contributing. The interactions our students have with their mentors and different team leaders is the most cherishing moment for Joomla’s Google Summer of Code Team.

We invite you to watch the GSoC Panel at the Joomla World Conference 2017.

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Sandra Decoux

Sandra Decoux

Of course, I am passionate about the web, and even more about Joomla! and especially its fabulous Community of people with whom it is so easy to share.
Some call me the CSS fanatic and I must confess, it is truly a passion for me.
From my little island, I try to contribute and participate to the Joomla! project.