The November Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the November Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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Joomla 4 Performance Tuning - Part I


Joomla 4 is a major improvement over Joomla 3. Right out of the box you get a very fast CMS with built–in support for structured data (what was formerly called “microdata”), even several caching options to cater for any use, from lightweight persona sites to massive, busy portals.

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Explore the core! Give your site a comfortable navigation


Open any website - where do you look first? In most cases you will first see a beautiful photo or graphic and with the next glance you will look for a menu with links to more pages.

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To Cache, Or Not To Cache, That Is The Question…


With the change in Google’s site rating and ranking criteria, the reasonably new “Web Vitals” measurements have generated new interest in a variety of caching technologies to improve content delivery times in the never ending race to the elusive “100% across the board” and satisfactory search engine indexing results.

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My Custom Dashboard - Quick icons module


As we all know or experienced first-hand, the Joomla 4 Dashboard can be pretty overwhelming if you’ve never seen it before. The good news is: it doesn’t have to be. The Dashboard is very customisable, and more and more website designers decide to create beautiful and easy to use custom Dashboards for their clients (or for themselves). Jeroen Moolenschot, for instance, made a custom Dashboard module to add quick icons for much-used functionalities… and decided to share it with the whole Joomla community.

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Meet the Team: JCM


Within the Joomla organization, quite a number of teams are working on all sorts of projects. We at the Joomla Community Magazine are really curious about what each team is doing, who’s in it, how they work together, what the people are like and how all of us can help them. What better way than asking them? And since there are so many teams, we thought we’d make a series out of this, starting with our own team: the JCM. So if you’re as curious as us: pleased to meet you!

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A new place to share ideas and feedback to improve


In a community-led Project, it's crucial to collect feedback, comments and proposals from all the volunteers and shape the strategy and the direction accordingly. And if this is really easy for what concerns the "software" being completely Open Source and available to anybody who wants to submit a Pull Request or propose a Request for Comments, the same it's not so immediate when it comes to the organization, the teams and the leadership.

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My favourite Joomla 4 feature - The Media Manager


It’s been a few months now since Joomla 4 came out, and all over the world people are building websites with it. As you may know, Joomla 4 has a number of great new features. In this issue of the Joomla Community Magazine long time Joomla user Chris Wilcox tells us about his favourite: the Media Manager, that enables content managers to edit images in the backend of their Joomla website.

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Work4Joomla. Apply Within!


Many companies use Joomla as the basis for their business. It's in everyone's interest to make Joomla work well. So Work4Joomla, allowing staff to work on Joomla and improve Joomla while at work is an initiative to do just that.

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Leadership Interviews: David Opati Aswani


This month we are glad to interview David Opati Aswani. He is at his second term as the Events Department Coordinator, the department in Joomla that works with Joomlers across the globe to spread the word about the project through local events, groups, activities, seminars and much more.

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Custom Fields - Episode 7 Part 2: without limits


Spoiler alert: there is a challenge for you at the end of this article and if I get enough answers there will be an ultimate article about Custom Fields in the Magazine.

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In memory of Vito Disimino: 11/2/1958 - 11/2/2021


Dear friends, on November 2nd 2021 our Vito Disimino, precious Vito, left us at only 63 years old. He had an incurable disease with which he fought to the end. We are all heartbroken, he was a trusted friend even before he was a colleague, a valuable Joomler, a great Leader.

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