The June Issue


Many things happened in the Joomla sphere from the previous issue of the Magazine.

The major news is that Joomla 4 Beta 1 has been finally released! Kudos to the Release Leader, the developers and every single contributor, either with code or tests, that worked on this amazing step forward in the new major version development process.

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10 Reasons Why Joomla Should Be Your CMS of Choice


Whether you want to create a business website or start a blog, the most efficient way to do so is with a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is ideal for the entrepreneur who does not have HTML or CSS coding skills or cannot access developer talent.

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Meet a Joomler: Martijn Maandag

Martijn Maandag

Martijn Maandag is the Dutch translation coordinator for the Joomla core. He also translates the release announcements for Joomla and puts them on the Dutch Joomla forum, a forum he moderates as well. Besides this, Martijn translates documentation on and marks documentation for translation, and, if that wasn’t enough already, he also provides translations for several Joomla extensions.

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Tribute to Aris Ntatsis


On June 09, the JCM Team received very sad news: Aris Ntatsis, a valuable team member, esteemed Joomler and founder of the Greek Joomla Community, passed away.

The JCM Team decided to write an article to tribute Aris Ntatsis, collecting some words and memories from other Joomlers, either from the Greek and the Global Joomla Community.

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How to deal with a data breach under GDPR


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy law aimed at protecting the personal information of residents of the European Union. GDPR strives for that goal by imposing certain requirements on those processing and controlling personal data, including requiring a legal basis for such processing, ensuring that websites have compliant Privacy Policies, and requiring reporting of certain breaches of personal data.

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Why using Joomla for your multilingual projects


In these times, with the rise of e-commerce, having a multi-language website is essential to expand our online business globally. Customers find it more convenient to shop in their language. In many cases, it is also necessary for countries that have more than one official language.

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Contact forms and GDPR


A contact form is key to any website that brings in new business - it’s how customers can inquire about your products or services, ask you questions, engage with your brand, and more. Individuals usually input some personal data into contact forms such as their name, email, phone number or address to allow you to contact them.

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Showcase the Power of your Joomla! Site

Submit you site to Joomla! Showcase Directory

On October 3, 2016 Joomla! announced the new and improved Joomla! Showcase Directory, a place where you can demonstrate the flexibility, variety, extensibility and strengths of Joomla! as well as your design and creative skills. If you haven’t submitted your creative websites yet, now is the time to do so.

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Joomla 4: Using the Security Header Features


How secure is your Joomla site? Joomla 4’s new features to manage security headers from within your site make protecting your site even easier.

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J and Beyond 2020 - Bridging the Corona Gap


When our team kicked off organizing an international Joomla conference in May 2020, we had no idea that a global pandemic would ruin all our plans. However, as a community born in the online world, nothing seemed more obvious than turning our beloved family meeting into an online event, bringing people from around the globe together in these crazy times.

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GitHub - Installing Git


Contributing to the Joomla project is much easier when you’ve got a local testing environment. This month we’ve prepared a tutorial on how to go about configuring a local testing environment.

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June news from JAT (Joomla Accessibility Team)


Joomla! Participation in Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May is an important month for accessibility, every year a community event of great strength is celebrated all over the world: Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

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Community Openings - June 2020


Would you like to get more involved with Joomla? Read more about this month’s highlighted volunteer positions below.

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A facelift for the Forum Post Assistant


Over a decade ago, a developer volunteering in the Joomla! Security Forum launched a suite of tools (Joomla Tools Suite) to help Joomlers diagnose issues with hosting, the installation and other matters associated with Joomla! Part of this suite was what is now known as the Forum Post Assistant or FPA.

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