Leadership Highlights from February 2012

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With leaders who care, milestones reached, and vibrant user gatherings, Joomla! rocks around the world!

Pink Tutu  in the Oval Office

In March the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM), installed the following Officers of the board for the 2012/2013 term:

President: Paul Orwig
Vice President: Jacques Rentzke
Secretary: Alice Grevet

Paul will bring his outstanding leadership skills and wide scope of the Joomla project to his new role, Jacques Rentzke will continue to keep OSM on target as VP, and as Secretary I am looking forward to my two favorite things: writing things up and telling people what to do!

OSM will miss the outstanding direction of outgoing President Ryan Ozimek, the original Joomla rocker, who brought OSM through transition and positive growth. James Vasile, who has generously shared his legal expertise with the board is also stepping down, but remains available for input when needed.

Good-bye Mr. Chips

He won't be far away, but in order to devote the time needed to OSM, Paul Orwig is stepping down as Joomla! Community Magazine Lead Editor. I cannot do justice in this short column to what we have learned from him, and what he has brought to the community through his devotion to the magazine effort. Paul you rock. You are a rock. You make Joomla! rock.

Community Channels Workgroup

In an effort to improve the cohesion of Joomla! community information channels, Sander Potjer has put a call out to create a working group. If you have ideas about how to channel the message, read Sander's post and sign up. Thank you! 

All Shook Up

Discussions are underway to formalize a gathering of the combined Joomla leadership teams in Germany before or after the JandBeyond conference. Members of the CLT, PLT and OSM are buffing up their blue suede shoes to get down in Bad Nauheim, the town where Elvis Presley was stationed during his military service.

Joomla!Day Bangkok

With over 400 attendees, JDay Bangkok hit it out of the park! Attending and presenting were Mark Dexter and Sam Moffatt of the PLT, and Peter Martin of the CLT.

9000+ Served Daily

It's always fun to report a milestone, and in February the JED surpassed 9000 extensions. Go on, check it out — there's something for everyone in the JED!

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