Joomla at the women&&code conference


A software conference with only women on the podium - is that possible? Of course it is! And not just to prove this but also to share an extremely high level of knowledge the first women&&code conference took place in Vienna.

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Don’t You Forget About Me - How CRON changed my working week


As a young IT manager, sometime at the end of the last century, I came across a term that interested me a lot. It was “set it, and forget it”. Sounds a bit haphazard, doesn’t it? Apparently it was less to do with software than rotisserie chicken cooking. You'll find it on Google. Why would I want to forget something important? Well, semantics aside, the principle meant that I could go off and do other things rather than waiting to make sure my backups had run. 

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CSS is evolving, evolve your code with this simple guide


I love the way some technologies are aware of what is going on around them and then pivot to make their own technology all the better by seeing if they can do the same as the bright young techs around them, bringing a new lease of life.

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Pizza has gone - Bugs and Fun remain


The Pizza bugs and Fun event in February 2024 is over, Pizza is eaten and most likely digested, but Bugs and Fun persist. You might have caught the bug testing and enjoy the feeling of marking a test as successful. When one of your tests is crucial for the merging of a PR or prevents a catastrophe - how cool is that? 
However, as a non-developer, you might not know how to continue the PR testing on your own, so here are some hints.

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A first step into volunteering: Pizza , Bugs and Fun


While I have been a Joomla user, website builder and non-ending promoter since before Joomla was even called Joomla, this past Pizza, Bugs and Fun of February 24th, 2024 was the first time that I hosted a community event for and with the Joomla community.

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Testing Joomla made easy


Charvi Mehra, second year undergrad student at the Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi University, India, has been contributing to Joomla since 2022, and Joomla was her first open source organization. In this article she describes her work on a project that makes testing new Joomla releases super efficient, easy and, yes, you’re reading this correctly: fun!

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Pizza Bugs And Fun 2024 Kenya


There is no better feeling than how it feels when a plan comes together after all the hard work, the passion, the research, the teambuilding and the energy. Then all culminate to the targeted objective, without even a single variation of the expected results! Hurray! That would definitely deserve a cheer! It's the exact feeling I get when I remember the first day I joined the Joomla Community as a volunteer through application. 

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JoomlaDay USA 2024: Nashville Live & Virtual Event!


The fourth annual JoomlaDayUSA is almost here! JoomlaDayUSA 2024 marks only the second occasion of the event being hosted in person. In the friendly Joomlasphere, this event stands out with its unique blend of in-person and virtual components.

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The February Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the February Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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The Backward Compatibility Plugin and why you should switch it off


Joomla! 5 is there and it brings a lot of improvements. One of them is the “Behaviour - Backward Compatibility” plugin. It’s not a feature you can see in backend or frontend, so what is the purpose of this plugin? Let’s answer the most important questions!

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Smoothest Joomla Upgrade - My History of Joomla Upgrades from 1.5 to 5


I discovered Joomla in 2008 when a web developer recommended I use it to replace a static HTML website I'd built for my not-for-profit dog training club. "Joomla's super easy to use," he enthused, adding, "after the initial 'WHAT THE!?' shock."

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Cassiopeia, Joomla’s powerful built-in template: how to use css classes for your category blog


There are a number of content display options in Joomla. One of them is the category blog, that allows us to display multiple articles from a category. This option has many settings, which can be confusing for users, so this article will describe the parameters and demonstrate what they do.

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Why I contribute to Joomla: Allon Moritz


Allon Moritz began by developing extensions that improved the use of Joomla and made them public. He also invested time in the Joomla development teams so that he could give back to the community what he had received from the content management system.

His experience of coding well is useful and worth asking how he feels about being an extension developer and a member of the core Joomla development group.

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The Value of Open Source Software


If your software is free for everyone to use, does that mean it isn’t worth anything? Surely not! Three researchers from Harvard Business School and the University of Toronto have found a way to estimate the value of Open Source Software. Spoiler alert: it’s nowhere near nothing.

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I've met a Joomler in... Stockholm!


Wherever you will travel for holidays, for business, or for any other reason, there's probably a Joomla volunteer around.
Recently, I've been in Sweden and I've took this opportunity to meet Sarah Watz, a famous Joomla volunteer but also a well-known former OSM President.

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Local Community liaisons, what are they and do you have what it takes to join them?


What is a Community Liaison, what do they do and do you have what it takes to become one? All good questions that this article is intended to answer. And in answering we deal with the beating heart of volunteer Open Source community-driven projects just like Joomla!

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Joomla at FOSDEM 2024: launching the Open Website Alliance


Imagine a super large open source developer's conference, with thousands of attendees and over sixty conference rooms. Joomla's president Crystal Dionysopoulos was there, and for a very good reason: together with Drupal, WordPress and Typo3 we launched the Open Website Alliance.

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Joomla User Groups: the place where Joomlers meet 


Where can I find other people working with Joomla? How can I learn more about Joomla? Who can I discuss issues with? The answer to these questions: a Joomla User Group! We have JUGs all over the world, and virtual ones, and everyone can join. There’s a Joomla Team dedicated to JUGs: coordinating, encouraging, supporting and helping JUGs. In January 2024, the second international Joomla User Group meeting took place. Laura Gordon tells us what happened there and what’s going to happen next.

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It Started With A Glitch - How I Helped Improve The Joomla Core


Not every feature works the first time we use it on a website, but sometimes there really is an issue that cannot be fixed by changing settings. This is the story of how my "glitch" became a code change in the Joomla Core.

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Turning home-built into an on-brand illustrated showcase


As a business owner working with many global and household names, Abi knew she needed a website which truly reflected her services and personality.

Working with bespoke illustrations and professional copywriting, the finished website is a beautiful, custom result, to replace a dated and tired website that was no longer fit for purpose - demonstrating that Joomla can be used for stunning results at the same time!

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