2014 September

Written by Alice Grevet
Have you heard? Joomla is nine years old! And now this powerful and free CMS is offering free for life hosting! There’s lots to celebrate!
Sep 2014
Written by Steve Burge
Joomla, in partnership with SiteGround, will provide an improved demo site and a new free hosting option at Joomla.com. Steve Burge interviewed Sarah Watz, the President of Open Source Matters and asked her about the new joomla.com and demo.joomla.org.
Sep 2014
Written by Jon Neubauer
This year’s conference is shaping up to be better than ever with an amazing lineup of keynotes, some exciting new workshops that will be presented this year, and much more! The call for sessions closed at the end of August, but…
Sep 2014
Written by Duke Speer
On a breezy Chicago summer day, the opening keynote of the first Joomla! Developer's Conference of the current decade tackled the challenge of demystifying software licensing with an episode of, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Developer?"
Sep 2014
Written by Sandra Thevenet
I have always loved to share my passions, and Joomla is one without a doubt! For me sharing knowledge is natural, and whatever our level, we still need another person to accompany us, support us and help us make progress,…
Aug 2014
Written by Sander Potjer
Joomla is very flexible and has many possibilities. A disadvantage is that working with Joomla can seem complex because of all of the setting and navigation choices. For a Joomla specialist this is usually not an issue, but for many…
Sep 2014