Open Source Matters August 2011 Report

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August was a month for the Joomla! leadership to travel home from the Joint Summit, resume jobs for some, vacation with family for others, and begin to formulate plans and continue conversations begun in San Jose. As the hot summer sun beat down on many of our whereabouts, the big wheels of Joomla! continued to turn with new events and developments taking flight…

Louis Landry Retires from Leadership

Longtime member of the Production Leadership Team (PLT), senior core developer and architect for the project, Louis announced his retirement from Joomla! leadership in August. He will remain a member of the CoC, and will continue to follow the project closely and contribute in a non-official role. The impact Louis has had on the successful development of Joomla! is vast, and most recently he worked on guiding the successful separation of the platform from the CMS. He leaves an enormous legacy of progress and success behind him. The best wishes, gratitude and respect of the leadership follow you Louis!

Roadmap for Future Development

In order to get more people involved in mapping out the future of Joomla! development, the PLT will begin holding working sessions open to anyone interested in participating in technical discussions about the 3.0 series releases. The first session will be in conjunction with JoomlaDay NYC on October 21. Read more about it here and get involved!

Welcome to New Members of the CLT!

The Community Leadership Team (CLT) welcomed four new members last month. Some of the names may already be familiar to you through previous community roles, and if not, you will surely come to know them soon. A warm welcome is extended to Isidro Baquero, Milena Mitova, Olaf Offick and Sander Potjer. Thank you all for stepping up to these roles and for your generous support of the project with your time, energy and skills!

JoomlaDays Around the World

August saw quite a few JoomlaDay events, and leadership got out and partied with you!:

  • JoomlaDay Bosnia: Jean-Marie Simonet (PLT)
  • JoomlaDay Chicago: Robert Deutz (OSM), Matt Lipscomb (CLT), Ryan Ozimek (OSM), Ron Severdia (PLT), Andy Tarr (PLT)
  • JoomlaDay Norway: Peter Martin (CLT)
  • JoomlaDay South Africa: Ryan Ozimek (OSM) and Jacques Rentzke (OSM)

Meeting face-to-face, sharing our enthusiasm for Joomla! and learning from each other are invaluable experiences. JoomlaDays provide these opportunities all around the world. We hope to see you at one soon!

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