Pretty in Pink

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When this issue is launched, I will be "hard at work" at the JoomlaDay West conference in San Jose, California. Since the JCM team is full of bright, hard working, and self starting volunteers, I had no reservations about being gone during the typically hectic days leading up to and following the launch of a new issue. Well, maybe not 'no' reservations...
Pretty in Pink illustration by: Yepr

It seems that as soon as I announced to the JCM team that I would be away for a few days and Dianne Henning would be serving as lead editor during my absence, the winds of change began to blow. A flurry of "creative new ideas" for this issue were quickly hatched. I know these ideas were all brought up in a spirit of fun and good natured teasing. Maybe none of them will be implemented, but on the off chance that this issue happens to launch with a pink color palette, if our website's Joomla! logo has been replaced by a baby chick, if this issue is filled with Drupal stories, or if my author image is edited to show me wearing lipstick, high heels, and a tutu, then it's because our rowdy group known as the JCM Joomlachix have struck again. And if you are quick enough, you might even be able to spot them riding off into the distance on their pink virtual scooters.

And that diversity is one of the things that makes contributing to Joomla! so fun. Our community's diversity not only makes Joomla! better, it also keeps us on our toes and makes things a lot more fun. In a community that embraces diversity, we learn from each other, challenge each other, bring out the best in each other, rely on each other, trust each other, strengthen each other, and laugh with each other (and ourselves). The things that we work on together turn out better, and we grow as individuals while also having more fun along the way.

And so while I may cough a bit from the dust thrown off by those rowdy JCM Joomlachix on their pink virtual scooters, the truth is that I really wouldn't have it any other way.

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In this issue

A special thanks to the members of the Joomla! community who are contributing authors in this month"s issue: David Hurley, Parth Lawate, Jarrod Nettles, and Nirmal Gyanwali.

We are also proud to unveil a new and improved comments system in this issue which is powered by CompoJoom Comments. The JCM team offers its thanks to CompoJoom developer Daniel Dimitrov for contributing his extension to the JCM and also for contributing his time to customize it for our needs.

Feature stories

  • David Hurley has written a story about overcoming client objections to using free open source software, and other business issues in How can you charge that? Joomla! is free right?
  • Parth Lawate has contributed Our Joomla! story, which reveals one company's story about how they came to begin using Joomla! and where they are now.
  • Alice Grevet has published an Interview with Michael Babker, where he talks about his desire to support Joomla!, and also about how members of the community joined together to show their support for him in a special way.

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Extensions and Services Evaluations

Website case studies

Leadership connections

Joomla! events and Joomla! User Groups

Designer's studio

Developer's workbench

Administrator's toolkit

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On the lighter side...

In our next issue

We are hoping to launch a new topic next month, and we are also hoping to announce a new initiative that will bring more positive exposure to Joomla! and the generosity of the community. Be sure to come back next month to learn more about these new developments, along with our other regular monthly features.

Also, we want to publish your Joomla! story in the next JCM issue too! So take a look at our Author Resources content to get a better idea of what we are looking for, and then register to become a JCM author and submit your Joomla! story!

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Paul Orwig

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