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New Home for the Vulnerable Extensions List

Written by | 01 May 2013 | Published in 2013 May
Since 2010 the VEL team has organised the Vulnerable Extensions List on behalf of the Joomla community hosted on the docs.joomla.org pages. The VEL team felt that now was the time to move the VEL project onto its own website.

This site will be run by the current VEL team, and maintaining the current close relationship between the Joomla! core project and the extension developers will be placed on a new subdomain vel.joomla.org.

The move to a separate website will enable the team to:

  • Be more versatile in its operation.
  • Have more user friendly features.
  • The abilility to mark and identify resolved items more easily.
  • A fully searchable database of extensions.
  • Commenting by developers on their reported item.
  • Keeping and updating primary article in one place.
  • Separate rss feeds for newly listed and resolved VEL items.

The current VEL on the http://docs.joomla.org/Vulnerable_Extensions_List will remain for historical purposes, but updates beyond 1st May will occur on the new site.

Many thanks to the VEL team and the testers (mainly Tessa Mero, Gary Brooks) who managed to get this site designed, built, tested and working in less than two weeks.


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