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Joomla! meets the Catholic World

Written by | 02 March 2016 | Published in 2016 March
A few days ago, with the Association Joomla! Lombardy and the Web Advisor Team, I had the great opportunity to live a work day with Xaverian Missionaries; I don’t want to hide the strong emotion I felt in bringing our beloved CMS in a so prestigious area, with the presence of official Vatican State delegates and missionaries coming from all over the world.
Xaverianis MIssionaries & Joomla! Xaverianis MIssionaries & Joomla!

donato convegno saveriani

Many of them have already implemented Joomla! for their communication needs on web and many others were eager to undertake this digital communication path on Internet, appliance that the same Pope Francis recently called a 'Gift from God'.

Some of them speak at least three languages, and even know Swhaili, the language from which comes the word “Joomla!”. So, all along the whole day, we worked hard  in order to teach and deepen both the use of Joomla! and  the web design techniques, SEO and Social.

The day was a part of a cycle of conferences and international workshops that Xaverians organized to improve their own knowledge of digital communication.

For further detailed information, please go to the conference site and read the attached press release.

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