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Written by | 06 June 2016 | Published in 2016 June
At the recent J&Beyond Joomla conference in Barcelona a new SEO team was formed. The team agreed on the following mission statements:
  • To support the Joomla project in ensuring that the official websites we own and manage are properly optimised
  • To assist with identifying existing problems and developing strategies for addressing them
  • To monitor relevant SEO metrics
  • To support teams with planning new web-based projects, migrations and campaigns
  • To provide guidance in SEO-related matters relevant to the Joomla CMS

The team is organised in Glip and will meet every other week with an initial focus on ensuring the proper and unified implementation of Google Search Console and Google Analytics across all Joomla sites as well as identifying and implementing various 3rd party SEO tools.

The team members are:

If you are interested in contributing to the team or would like to report an SEO issue or idea for improvement you can find us in Glip in the group “SEO Team Contributors”.

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Soren Beck Jensen

Soren Beck Jensen

Søren Beck Jensen is the founder and CEO of Jensen Technologies SL. An English speaking web development company based in Southern Spain.

Soren has been in the internet industry since 1994 and an avid user and developer of Joomla sites and services since before it was called Joomla.

Jensen Technologies SL is behind the following services:

* Not Web Design:
* Joomla Component Creator:
* Neno Translate (Joomla Extension):

Soren is a Joomla volunteer in the following teams:

* Capitals Committee (Team lead)
* Marketing team
* SEO Team
* Joomla Resources Directory