The Unbalanced Force in Your Marketing Strategy

Written by | 01 January 2013 | Published in 2013 January
Many Joomla businesses and marketers seem to hit this wall when they've created some great offer or download, yet find very few people converting on it. While there can be many reasons for this, one common theme I often see is an unbalanced marketing campaign strategy. In this Joomla whiteboard we will be looking at the concept of builder vs driver marketing campaigns and how they should be balanced and developed as a part of your successful inbound marketing strategy.

NOTE: There are many Joomla businesses I see who do have a pretty solid "builder" side of the equation. Where I see a huge gap is in their "driver" campaign strategy. So please view this video from both sides of the equation and see where your business's inbound marketing campaigns strategy should shift: more builder or more driver campaigns.


If you have questions about builders vs driver campaigns in your business, please post in the comments. I'd love to help you explore this concept further and develop a successful balance in your Inbound Marketing strategy.

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Luke Summerfield

Luke Summerfield

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