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In Joomla! we are exceedingly lucky with the quality of extensions provided to make backing up your site easy - just a few parameters and the job is done. In this article Team EaSE shows you three free backup extensions, one plugin and two components.

Backup, backup, backup - we say that but do we do it?

Akeeba Backup

Akeeba BackupAkeeba Backup installs the component as well as a backend module and a plugin. The installation confirmation not only offers direct links to the documentation and the support, but also a link to the component’s configuration page. The module will place a button in the administrator’s control panel that enables you to perform a backup straight away and informs you of your backup status. The developer has given a lot of attention to usability. All configuration parameters have tooltipped labels that provide good explanatory descriptions on all configurable options. In addition, each page provides a help button that links to the online documentation.

Babs Gosgens from Team EaSE discusses Akeeba Backup with Nicholas Dionysopoulos



Besides the more basic parameters like storage paths and backup types, Akeeba Backup also let’s you specify more advanced MySQL settings and archive engines. Some engines, such as DirectFTP, do not actually produce archives, but take care of actually transferring your files to other servers. In addition, you can specify backup profiles. This very useful feature allows you to alter the settings for each profile so that you can customize the backups for different purposes. For instance, you may want to perform daily backups from your database only, but monthly backups of your entire site. Backups can be performed manually or by setting up a cron job. Akeeba Backup also comes with a plugin that let’s your site perform automated backups every number of days.


The restoration process in very much like the Joomla installer. The extracted archive will contain an installation script that leads you through the entire restoration in a step-by-step fashion. You are give the same options when installing Joomla, from setting the MySQL account information all the way to your administrator password. This is extremely useful when migrating from one site to another, as it also writes the configuration file for the server that you are restoring your backup to.


Akeeba Backup has an actively maintained free support forum. There is also a professional support subscription that offers private ticket support as well as domain support. There is online documentation available, as well as a PDF manual. The consolidated version of the manual, the Quick Start Guide, gives step-by-step instructions for backing up and restoring your site and is especially useful for first time users. Video tutorials and walkthroughs are also found among the online documentation.


Check out Issue 7 Comparison Spreadsheet .pdf below


These are three different backup methods each with their own strengths - a database backup plugin, a component with the added bonus of the translation tools and a major backup component with many features. All have their uses. We encourage you to visit their sites and learn more - also to perhaps support all these devs by purchasing their very reasonably priced support or professional versions.  

Issue 8

All backed up and securely passworded? Excellent! Team EaSE is currently researching Joomla! Extensions and Services designed to intrigue, delight and maybe educate you in Joomla! Community Magazine 2011. 

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