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In 2012 I had the opportunity to attend the very first Joomla World Conference in San Jose, California. I hardly knew anyone in the International Community at the time. I was thrilled, anxious and eager to absorb as much information as I could. At one point, I entered a room where two ladies were sitting at a table. Their presentation was named "Everything You Wanted To Know About the JCM". Dianne Henning and Alice Grevet gave us a great lesson on what being a volunteer in an Open Source project like Joomla and the Community Magazine can be. By the time they finished I was absolutely inspired! I walked towards them and offered to create illustrations for the magazine, or even write articles, something I love to do. At that moment, my life changed forever. And I hardly knew what lay ahead of me...
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If you have never contributed an article to the magazine, why not give it a try now? How about telling that unique story about Joomla you have? Or how about that experience you had when you noticed what a great CMS Joomla is? Do you have tips and tricks? These are a few examples of material people love to read, because it increases their knowledge, and is an enjoyable experience. We have a fundamental need to know things, to better understand the world that surrounds us.

The Joomla Community Magazine has brought me knowledge and an enjoyment over the past years, whenever I needed to understand Joomla better, to solve problems or look for inspiration for a presentation.

Dianne and Alice were the co-lead editors of the magazine until recently. Both felt it was time to step down and venture through new realms in their lives. I, Helvecio da Silva, and Jacques Rentzke, long time contributors to the Joomla Project and the magazine, were invited to take their places. These are very big shoes to fill and we accepted the challenge.

There are ideas, plans, concepts and a lot more to make the JCM grow and reach out to more and more people within and outside of the Joomla Community. If you look forward to reading it each month, or have found it interesting and useful in the past, share your stories and expertise about Joomla! Be part of it! Remember, this is your magazine!

After a quote from David Bowie, I'd like to say we do not know where we're going from here, but we promise it will not be boring.

Helvecio da Silva and Jacques Rentzke
Joomla Community Magazine Co-Lead Editors

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Helvecio da Silva

Helvecio da Silva

Graphic and web designer, I use Joomla since 2005. Currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I run my own design studio - HLVC Design - as a consultant in web and graphic design, Joomla, Wordpress, Online Social Media and Online Marketing. Passionate about my work and Joomla, I'm always eager to find more and more about the system and share my knowledge with the community. Visit my profile at
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Designer Gráfico e Web, uso Joomla desde 2005. Atualmente baseado no Rio de Janeiro, trabalho em meu próprio estúdio - HLVC Design - onde atuo como designer para web e gráfico, consultor em Joomla, Wordpress, Midias Sociais e Marketing Online. Minha paixão em aprender me leva a sempre conhecer mais a fundo o sistema e a compartilhar o que sei com a comunidade. Visite meu perfil em