Vote for Joomla! in the CMS Critic Awards

Written by | 30 November 2015 | Published in 2015 December
December is voting time again, at least for CMS systems. 

Until January 1 you can vote for Joomla as the 'Best Free CMS', and 'Best CMS for Personal websites'.

Last year Joomla won in the category 'Best Open Source PHP CMS'. Since we did not make it into that category again this year, let's take on these other categories this year.

Make sure to spread the word about voting, and spread the Joomla love of course...

Cast your vote today...

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Mike Veeckmans

Mike Veeckmans

Just a user , with a serious Joomla addiction !
Mike runs his own company The company is focused on Joomla as main CMS. Mike is a sitebuilder, who consults his clients towards successful online business with Joomla. Joombiz also provides sites for non-profit and educational organizations. Joombiz is a rather young company, but took over the portfolio and clients from Mike's former company, which was active for more than 10 years (we started in the HTML/PHP era ;-) ).

He engaged back to the community in 2012 and is active in some workgroups, forums, etc...