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Team EaSE Article: Holiday Fun!

Written by | 01 December 2010 | Published in 2010 December
In six issues, we at Team EaSE hope we've introduced to you some of the enormous potential of Joomla! and its extensions — the power, flexibility and creativity that the world's best CMS can unleash. Over that time, we've tried to dissolve the jargon into meaningful terms, simplify difficult technical topics and give you a sense of the fun we have using Joomla! to build websites and web applications.

Now, let's use that knowledge and what you've learned from all our magazine colleagues. Below are some choices for you to make that lead onward to some fun. There are no wrong answers!

'Twas the Night Before...

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Sully Sullivan

Sully Sullivan

Brian "Sully" Sullivan has been building corporate and non-profit organization websites for 10 years, and using Joomla! almost since it was new. He lives and works in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, where he is a Principal of Terrace Media Group, an independent website development firm specializing in information architecture, search engine optimization, enterprise search services and transaction data management using the Joomla! CMS.

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