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Alert: What’s Coming for Open Source CMS in July 2010

  • Source: CMS Wire - Two Beta Joomla! 1.6 releases, new video about Joomla! 1.6 from Andrew Eddie, and  Joomla! Community Magazine launch.

Develop and customize Joomla! templates using Packt’s new cookbook

  • Source: PRLog - Joomla! 1.5 Templates Cookbook, provides readers with over 60 incredibly effective recipes for taking control of their Joomla! templates.

Digital Consortium behind new Creative Calderdale site

  • Source: The Drum - Creative Calderdale's new website encourages new start-up businesses, attract inward investment, and improves the competitiveness of local creative and digital businesses.

IHRNA uses open source platform for new website

  • Source: Computer World - The Indigenous Human Rights Network Australia (IHRNA) uses Joomla to help build community and bring awareness of Australian Human Rights. releases custom API with profit potential for Joomla! community

  • Source: Imaging Resource - Joomla! websites now have access to a powerful and customized API from that supplies them with millions of royalty-free images.

Public gain loudspeaker on future Joomla! features

  • Source: Computer World - Joomla! Project Lead Team looks for feedback on features contributed by the Joomla! Community.

Redesigned district site gives Whitehall control

  • Source: Columbus Local News - Whitehall City School District uses Joomla! to update their website.

The History of Joomla!: An in-depth chat with CMS core developer, Andrew Eddie

  • Source: Computer World - Andrew Eddie shares both the history and the future of Joomla!

The Rise of the Web CMS

  • Source: FolioMag - Open Source or Proprietary, Web-based solutions are today’s best bet for multichannel publishing.

Travel Easier and Browse Easier With SkyCap News

  • Source: PRWeb - SkyCap News, a growing travel information website, just became easier to use and far more interactive with a recent switch to Joomla.

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