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Written by | 05 April 2016 | Published in 2016 April
The international Joomla Community Magazine is a major repository of knowledge about Joomla. It holds valuable content, generally in english. Every now and then, some contributors take the time to translate these articles into their native languages. In this article I present some tips and tricks for translators to help them improve their contribution.

I have been contributing as a translator for the Joomla Project for the past four years. I have learned a few things along the way that I find worth sharing with others.

Here are some tips that might help:

  • Use a text editor to translate. When translating, it is a good idea to write copy on a text editor, to take advantage of features it offers, like the spell checker, for example.
  • Take your time to translate an article. Translating can be a daunting process at first and when you start doing it you may feel the urge to finish it quickly to make it to the next issue. Instead, do it as slowly as you can. If your translation doesn’t make it to the next issue, there will be another after that.
  • Feel free to use computer-assisted translation. There are plenty of tools who can help you translate quicker an article. If you use any of them, be sure to proofread the copy and check if your translation is making sense.
  • Proofread your copy before publishing it to the magazine. Look for typos, check if your translated idioms were translated accordingly etc.
  • Proofread your text one more time. Have I stressed how important this is? The more you proofread, the more your copy will show others your ability in translating personality.
  • After the work is done, step away then come back for a final check. When working on something, there is a moment that we stop seeing mistakes. Finish translating, go somewhere else to clear your mind then come back. Probably you will still some editing is still required.
  • Use simple vocabulary. Use words and grammar that general audiences will understand easily.
  • Don't guess meanings. If you are not sure, research and acquire relevant information to complete your translation.

Translation is a form of writing. You learn a lot of new things through it. Contributing as a translator is sure way to improve your skills as a author. While you improve your knowledge of both the source language as well as your native language, you become more a Joomla savvy!

Anyone can translate a JCM article into her/his native language. Remember that JCM articles are copyrighted material and cannot be published elsewhere without previous authorization of OSM.

If you have other suggestions, feel free to write a comment about it.

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Helvecio da Silva

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Designer Gráfico e Web, uso Joomla desde 2005. Atualmente baseado no Rio de Janeiro, trabalho em meu próprio estúdio - HLVC Design - onde atuo como designer para web e gráfico, consultor em Joomla, Wordpress, Midias Sociais e Marketing Online. Minha paixão em aprender me leva a sempre conhecer mais a fundo o sistema e a compartilhar o que sei com a comunidade. Visite meu perfil em