Open Source Matters: March 2011 Report

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March saw more collaboration, and more community involvement. Stay tuned in April when a call will go out for community nominations to OSM board and appointee positions!

Joint Leadership Summit

For the first time since 2008, a full leadership summit is being planned. The Joint Leadership Summit Committee has so far determined the following:

  • Dates: July 29 - 31
  • Place: San Jose, California
  • Venue: eBay
  • Facilitator: Allen "Gunner" Gunn of Aspiration

The opportunity to meet face to face will help to better understand the goals and challenges of each leadership team, to plan and strategize, and to move forward with a shared vision for Joomla!

Communications Team

This team submitted a document to the leadership in March defining the scope and responsibilities of the Communications Team. The document has been well received, and will be made public soon. As a next step the Comms Team will address the division and ownership of tasks.

Joomla Marketing Team

Under the leadership of Steve Burge, a team of community volunteers has begun working on a Joomla! marketing effort. The team is split into two groups: the External Team focused on promoting Joomla! on other sites (blogs, articles) and the Internal Team focused on creating material for (case studies, site showcases). It is a group whose ideas, skill and enthusiasm is moving Joomla! forward.

Capital Committee Team

When Phil Locke put out a call on the JPeople site for Capital Committee Team members, he hit the jackpot. Out of that post have come three new members to help lead groups for partners, sponsors, and the capital committee. And 15 others have signed up to help.

Joomla! rocks!

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Alice Grevet

Alice Grevet

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