The February Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the February Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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Who to blame when a Joomla release has a bug


I was privileged - and I mean privileged - to watch the release of Joomla 4.2.7.

It went wrong, there was a bug, and according to some on social media the sky was about to fall in, but what unfolded was impressive and makes me feel that Joomla is in good hands.

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Capital Team: show me the money!


"We should do an article about our Capital Team," Luca Marzo said during the kick-off meeting for this issue. "Should be pretty easy to write as it will be very short," one of the authors present responded. He was right, and that was exactly the point: at the moment we don't have a Capital Team, but we need one. And if money is totally your thing, we need you to be in it.

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Template Frameworks: Go further in the management of your Joomla sites


Joomla is offered with a basic Template on which you can work to customize your site to the identity of your company, your customer, your association.

But sometimes this is not enough and you might feel the need to use a specific tool : a template framework.

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Who does Joomla need right now?


You’ve probably heard or read it more than once: Joomla needs volunteers. Without people, new releases take longer and have less exciting features, documentation remains incomplete and bugs take forever to get fixed. But who do we need, and what would they be doing? Read how you can help.

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Meet the Joomla Framework Working Group


In this interview the team, or better said in this case the group, gave a proper introduction. For me there is nothing left to do than to introduce the Framework Working Group!

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Web Analytics: Alternative to Google Analytics? Matomo


Are you looking for a secure, private way to analyse your visitors and check what they are doing on your site? Then Matomo might just be the product for you. In this article, I will explore this analytics tool and discuss what it is good at and why you would want to use it.

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Where is this image from and how can I change it?


When a link to your site is posted on social media you will typically see an image as well as the link. Depending on the social media platform you may also see additional information such as a summary of the content.

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I create the website for my business for free with Joomla - Part 4


If you start to read this article, it's because the matter of creating a website interests you and that - for the challenge, for the intellectual curiosity or for the sake of savings - you would like to create it on your own. It still seems impossible to you for the moment but I bet you that after reading this series of tutorials, you will have made your website without anyone's help!

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Explore the Core: Articles - Most Read


In this article I will give you a short overview of the “Articles – Most Read” Module. This module is part of Joomla! Core, so you can use it out of the box, and you don’t need to install any extension to use it.

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Meet a Joomler - Tom van der Laan


Next in our Meet-a-Joomler - series we are going to meet Tom van der Laan. You might already have seen some of his work: he has made the latest release images as being in the Marketing team. But this isn’t where Tom started in our community. Enjoy his interview and find out what his first steps in the Joomniverse looked like!

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More than 30 gems for Joomla 4 I can't live without


I am always very happy to pay Developers for Joomla Extensions because they deserve it.

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Turning the Joomla website into an ActivityPub server and being an independent participant in the Fediverse - A start


This article has two parts. In the first part, I summarise what the terms Fediverse and ActivityPub mean. In the second part, I briefly describe what I have implemented to make a Joomla website support the ActivityPub protocol and allow a Mastodon user to follow a Joomla website user.

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Community Events in Joomla Coming back to you!


After several long years of virtual-only or very few Joomla! Events, our community has come back strong! Our Joomla User Groups are getting back together both virtually and in person. Event committees have been collaborating to start again with Joomla Day events, Joomla Camp events, and other creative events. Some events are in person, others are virtual. We are in a new world where we can give each other hugs and collaborate from across the ponds! Let’s highlight three great events: one ongoing, two coming up.

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