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Joomla! User Groups around the world allow thousands of Joomla! users to connect each month with local Joomla! users, and talk about everything from the Joomla! Community and the latest releases, to their own experiences and solutions with Joomla! This month we caught up with the members of the Joomla! User Group in Cape Town, South Africa and asked them about their user group, what they liked about it, and how it impacted them!
Joomla! User Group Cape Town Joomla! User Group Cape Town

Quick Facts

Website: http://people.joomla.org/groups/viewgroup/79-Cape+Town+JUG.html
Location: Sins restaurant, Wembly Square, Gardens, Cape Town
Meeting Times: 18h30 - 10h00 - For more information on meeting days visit the groups website.
Membership Required: No
Meeting Cost: NONE, only when you want to have a beer
Member Resources: JUG CapeTown maintains a free Google Group where you can ask questions, and get answers from local Joomla! developers in South Africa!
Streaming Available: No

What Do You find Beneficial about your User Group?

In our brief survey we conducted with members of the Cape Town JUG, we found that this user group is all about people. People connecting to learn Joomla! and have a great time! Learning valuable tricks, getting others experiences and recommendations for specific solutions, and meeting other Joomla! users to talk topped the list of favorite’s from Group Members.

How would you encourage JUGs and Organisers to make JUGs better?

Sharing information is important to Joomla! users, and sharing things from business experiences, technical solutions, or business specific advise helps users grow and get better! Providing information for new users and being open to share encourages members to learn more! No matter what type of user you are though, JUG Cape Town has the resources and people to help users at any level!

How has your JUG helped you?

Community is important, and JUG Cape Town lets Joomla! users of any type connect and share with others in the Joomla! Community all the time! Whether it’s sharing experiences, problem solving as a group, or just networking and making new friends, JUG Cape Town lets individuals meet, and share! With an upcoming Joomla! Day Joomla! users in South Africa will be able to hear from local, and global experts and connect even more!

How can a new Joomla! user, or someone new to the area benefit by coming to your group?

“Learn, Learn, Learn” said one group member when we asked how new users can benefit by coming to a meeting. There’s a lot of ways a new user can learn Joomla! (or even a seasoned user can learn more!), and one of the best is by talking to others that work with Joomla! every day. Bottom line, if you’re looking to learn Joomla! in South Africa, or just network with other Joomla! users and share some laughs, stop by the Joomla! User Group Cape Town some time!

Editor's Note: Are you an organizer or member of a Joomla! User Group? We'd love to hear from you! User Groups are a great way for community members to get together, and we'd like to highlight User Groups around the world in the coming months! For more information about an interview for your group in the Joomla! Community Magazine, email JCM Editor, Jon Neubauer, atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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