The April Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the April Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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A Dive into the WebAuthn API in Joomla 4


Have you noticed there’s a new Web Authentication button on the new Joomla 4 login screens?

It's there because of Joomla’s new WebAuthn API that allows secure logins with a FIDO certified key. So, let's take a dive into passwords, security, and WebAuthn, and find out how to activate it on your user account in Joomla 4.

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Meet a Joomler - Sigrid Gramlinger

Sigrid-Gramlinger Credit: Caro Strasnik

This month we had the chance to get to know in depth a long term volunteer, Sigrid Gramlinger, from Austria. Sigrid is a known contributor, having served in several teams and capacities, especially in the Production Department.

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Joomla's TUF time is a winner at cloudfest hackathon


Joomla was one of the winners of the CloudFest Hackaton with its TUF Project.

Elisa Foltyn shared with our readers some notes about the hackaton initiative.

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My 2 cents about what it means to be part of a global community


Last month, I've read the awesome Astrid's blog post about what it means to be part of a global community, specifically the Joomla community. Being part of a global community is a huge topic and I'm not sure to have the answer, but I will do my very best to share my point of view in echo to Astrid's one ;)

Do you have another point of view after reading? Don't hesitate to write and post it next month in echo to Astrid's and mine!

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Google Summer of Code 2022: Joomla did it for the 14th time!


Joomla did it for the 14th time! We are proud to announce that our application as a mentoring organisation for the 2022 Google Summer of Code™ program (GSoC) has been accepted with our individual entry here!

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Meet the Joomla User Groups Team


Did you ever feel like you’re the only Joomla user in the village, and wish you could meet Joomlers in your neighborhood? You might join a Joomla User Group, and if there isn’t one where you live, create one. Joomla has people who can help you find, run or create a Joomla User Group. They’re called - you could have guessed it - the Joomla User Groups Team, and they’re here for you. This month the JCM has the pleasure to meet four of them!

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Meet a Joomler: Jeroen Moolenschot


Some Joomlers might already know of Jeroen Moolenschot. He has been active for quite some years now as a volunteer in different roles. But you might also know him by using one of the extensions he builds. Let’s start and get to know Jeroen just a little bit better and read just exactly what Joomla means to Jeroen and a little bit more…

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The March Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the March Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine. This month’s edition features: Nicholas Dionysopoulos published the 4th part of the Joomla 4 Performance series: Site Building Calisthenics.An article about the new Accessibility Add-ons...

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Joomla Performance Tuning IV: Site building calisthenics


In the third part of this series I described how to squeeze more performance out of your site by optimizing the static media files. This month, a month later than expected due to a minor family emergency, I'll talk about putting the finishing touches which make your site more polished and professional. They mostly have to do with how your site interacts with search engines and social networks but there's also a little bit of performance to be found in there. 

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Explore the Core - Accessibility Add-ons in Joomla 4.1


Everyone has his own preferences and needs - and Joomla takes care of them all.

In addition to all the measures taken in the core for providing an accessible authoring tool there are add-ons in Joomla that can make your life easier and make your users and customers feel more comfortable. 

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Get to know the new Joomla! Task Scheduler


Joomla’s Task Scheduler is a new addition to the core operating system of Joomla! 4.1. The Joomla development team added it to the core to help automate repetitive tasks that maybe you’d rather not do. You can use the Task Scheduler for a wide variety of maintenance and reporting tasks, and it runs on a Plugin system that can be added to and customised.

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Leadership Interviews: Benjamin Trenkle and Harald Leithner


This month we're thrilled to include a double interview with the newly elected Joomla Department Coordinators: Benjamin Trenkle and Harald Leither. The aim of these interviews is to let the Community know a bit more about the Project Leadership and their plans for the future of Joomla.

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Meet a Joomler - Roland Dalmulder


We sit down with long time contributor, all around nice guy and Joomla 4.2 release lead, Roland Dalmulder, to hear what he gives and receives from the Joomla community. You can check out Roland's Joomla extensions on which he was too nice to promote himself in his answers.

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What does it mean for me to be part of a global community, specifically the Joomla community?


I recently had an interesting conversation with my daughter. She couldn't believe I grew up in a house without a telephone. We got a phone when I was 13 years old. But the reason for getting it was primarily to keep in touch with my grandma. Just calling a friend was expensive at that time. Who you spent your free time with was determined by who lived nearby. Today, I enjoy not limiting my activities primarily to people in my local area. On the Internet, I can easily communicate with people who share my interests.

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Page Builders for Joomla - Balbooa Gridbox


In Joomla, you can create all kinds of pages by using the built-in menus and modules, and the template for the layout. But what if you want a little more flexibility? What if you want different layouts for different pages, and you don’t have the technical skills to dive into overrides, HTML and CSS? In that case a Page Builder can help you do the trick.

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Meet the Joomla Documentation Team


What do you do when you want to explore a functionality you didn’t know yet, or you want to know how a Joomla feature works, or you just want to know how to get something done? Most people will RTFM, or Read The Fine Manual, aka the Joomla Documentation. And guess what: Joomla’s Fine Manual doesn’t write itself, there are actual people doing this. We’ve talked to two of them. Read all about this nice team, their important job and how you can help or even join them!

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A peek inside the Joomla Forum


I reached out to Olaf Offick, the Joomla Forum team lead, to get a look under the hood and hear how the team ensures that the Joomla forum remains current and relevant.

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Do you have what it takes to work in the Social Media team?


If you follow Joomla on one of our social media channels, you’ve probably seen them in action: the people of the social media team. And maybe you sometimes wish you could be one of them. You may even have helped them spread the Joomla love by sharing Joomla’s posts on your own timeline (good! You’re already halfway there!). If you love social media and have what it takes to be(come) a genuine Joomfluencer, then read further, because now is your chance to take the stage and make Joomla shine.

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Customizing Joomla 4's Smart Search Results Pages with Images, Custom Fields and a new Layout


In this article, Marc Dechèvre shows us how to customize the Results Page of Smart Search, using images, custom fields and a new layout.

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