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Your Joomla Administrator Panel: make it yours!


As Joomla enthusiasts, we focus on the design, the user experience and the functionalities offered by our favourite cms, so as to build the perfect site for our visitors, but we also have to think about the administration interface, AKA The Backend.

Even if it is designed from the outset to be ergonomic, practical and efficient, not everyone can easily find their way. We all work in different ways, and not always with the same logic. Your administration panel is the place where many actions take place, whether by the creator of the site or the owner/manager. So if you think it's overwhelming, confusing or just has too many options, you’d better make it an attractive, easier to use place for the people working with it. 


  • Content is managed, added, edited and deleted primarily via the administration interface, and although there is a tendency to use the frontend, the backend is designed for this purpose.
  • Joomla is not just a simple cms, its extensions offer many additional functions: shop, forum, community management or newsletter. Some of those add extra links, tiles or blocks to the Control Panel, which can come in handy, but can also make it overwhelming or even confusing for inexperienced users.
  • The backend is not just a content management panel, it also acts as a monitoring platform: updates and backups are launched from the backend.
  • Advanced user management means that you can create a wide variety of profiles with different rights on the frontend and backend, so don't shy away from giving everyone access with specific rights.

For all these reasons, you need to think thoroughly about this almost daily environment that is your admin panel.

It's your tool, your workshop, your workplace, so take care of it and arrange it in the way that's most comfortable for you.

Above all, your customer must be able to access all its functions without wasting time, by finding his tools tidily arranged, with documentation to hand and an interface where he will feel at home - that's crucial. Think about what you need or what your client needs, and hide everything that’s not necessary.

By modifying the basic administration provided, (Joomla! is ready and done for that) your customers will know how you care about their business, that you want them to work in good conditions, and they'll be happy!

And don't forget: your first customer is you!

( Future articles on the JCM will cover how to do this )



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