Hello, thanks for checking out my profile. I've been working with Joomla since 2008 and I run a small Joomla! based digital agency called Square Balloon

I'm very people orientated, so if anyone wants to get in touch for any reason whatsoever, just reach out. Friendly is my middle name. Well... it's not, but given my first name, you would probably believe anything I say about my middle names.

Before you ask, Mum suffers from a spelling disability called being Irish. Dad is English... but he's dyslexic so he can't spell either. Perhaps Mum was taunting him when she gave us all silly names. Anyway, it's pronounced, "Owen".

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Before I decided to go pro with Joomla (in 2014) I was a writer/journalist for 15 years.

In 2009 I started working with Joomla, not knowing anything about webdesign. I joined a JUG in 2012, two months later I was co-organizer :) (and stayed co-organizer for about five years). I wrote articles about Joomla in a Dutch webdesigner magazine and speak at JUGs and JoomlaDays. I was on the Dutch JoomlaDagen team for three years. Since 2017 I'm a member of the team organizing Joostock (a Joomlacamp/unconference event).

I was the editor of the Dutch Joomla web agency brochure, a brochure webdesigners can use to convince their potential clients that Joomla is the right choice for them.

At Joomla Forum for the Future (2020) I volunteered to contribute as an author/blogger/copywriter.

I run a web agency in the Netherlands, WebLab42, with my partner. We create and maintain websites for small businesses and non-profit organisations.

I am a writer and editor at TallAndTrue.com and blog on my eponymous website, RobertFairhead.com. I also write and narrate episodes for the Tall And True Short Reads storytelling podcast, which features my short stories, blog posts and other writing from Tall And True. I have also published several short story collections.

I became involved with Joomla! in 2008 when I used the platform to build a website for my local dog club.

I subsequently used Joomla! to develop several generations of the dog club website and for my son's primary school P&C website.

I also used Joomla! to create Tall And True, a website showcasing my writing - fiction, nonfiction and reviews - and the writing of Guest Writers.

I was involved with the Sydney Joomla! User Group (JUG) from 2008, presenting at monthly JUGs and helping organise and present at several JoomlaDay Sydneys. I presented at the inaugural JoomlaDay Australia in Brisbane in 2019 and regularly attend Joomla! Australia virtual meet-ups. 

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I am creating websites with Joomla since the beginning, starting with more complex sites in 2007. Generally, since 2004, I am building websites and online-shops for small and medium sized companies.

My webagency webgras is located in Klosterneuburg, near Vienna, in Austria/Europe. We are a small team providing high quality Joomla websites.

I was co-founder of Joomla User Group Vienna and JoomlaDay Austria in 2015, and I am still co-organiser of both and a speaker on many Joomladays. Since then, I got more and more involved in the international Joomla community. Eventually, I joined the CMS Release team and became team lead in November 2020.

I love Joomla and all its capabilites and features, and I try to stick to the core as much as possible - "Just Joomla" is the way to go for me.


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Joe (aka JoeJoomla) is from Canada. Former Open Source Matters board member and currently actively involved as a team member of JoomlaDay USA.

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