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Matias Aguirre is a young Argentine programmer with extensive experience in open source systems and events involving Free Software in Latin America and the world. A fervent advocate of open source has been used since 1996 free systems using Slackware GNU / Linux as a development platform.

By the year 1999 met the PHP programming language and over time was developing, fixing and improving management systems like Mambo free, Wordpress and Joomla! the latter being among the large community preferences and quality of developed code.

In the absence of solutions in the field of data migration between versions, in January 2008 created the migration tool called mtwMigrator that migrates data from a Joomla! 1.0 to Joomla! 1.5. This tool was very useful to users and Joomla! and opened the way to the development of jUpgrade with input and support all Joomla! community as well as major developers of Joomla!

URL del sitio web: http://www.matware.com.ar/

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Miércoles, 28 Diciembre 2011 14:17

Integrando WebSocket a Joomla!

El objetivo de este documento es dar a conocer la tecnología de WebSocket, incluida en las ultimas especificaciones de HTML5, que nos permite una comunicación mucho mas rápida y dinámica en la comunicación servidor/cliente.