Irene López

Irene López

Open Source Consultant and Joomla! passionate.

I have worked from the Board of Open Source Iberia Association in organizing the Joomla! Day in Spain in the last 4 years. I have coordinated Joomla! projects for the European Union, companies from different countries and Universities.

I help with the translation of several Open Source products and coordinate the international relations of the company I work for.

I hope to contribute to this publication my enthusiasm for this CMS from the "non technical" world


Consultora de Software Libre apasionada de Joomla!

He colaborado desde la Junta Directiva de la asociación Open Source Iberia en la organización de los Joomla!Day de España en los últimos 4 años. He coordinado proyectos realizados en Joomla! para la Unión Europea, empresas de distintos paises y universidades.

Colaboro en la traducción de varios productos de Software Libre y coordino las relaciones internacionales de la compañia donde trabajo.

Espero poder aportar a esta publicación mi ilusión por este CMS desde el mundo "no técnico".


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Friday, 28 February 2014 19:00

Joomla Certification - We Keep On Moving!

In this and an upcoming article, I would like to provide all the available information about the evolution of the Joomla Certification program, the actions performed so far, and a firsthand look by one of the team leaders at the future of this interesting project.  
Tuesday, 31 December 2013 20:00

More About Joomla! Certification

Working Progress on the Joomla Certifications: a project in which the presence of the members of the Joomla community who speak Spanish is very important; a project where there are more than a dozen countries and various continents; a project, in summary, that will be born from the fusion of experience so diverse and different, that it will mark a before and after in the quality of the certifications of a CMS.
Sunday, 01 September 2013 00:00

Interview of the Joomla! Certification Team

Those of you who read in English, have known for a few months now that there is a new initiative in place to create a Joomla certification program. This is a project in which the presence of Joomla! community members who speak Spanish is very important. It's a project being worked on by people from more than a dozen countries and several continents. It is born from the fusion of so many different experiences and marks a milestone in the creation of a quality CMS certification program for Joomla.