Since its creation, Phil Walton has been using Joomla moving his client base away from his own primitive CMS to Joomla!

Phil is involved in a few departments and initiatives, enjoying the community aspect of Joomla and learning much through the kindness of others.

A member of the London User Group JUGL and a developer in his company SoftForge. Phil also enjoys meeting up with other Joomla Users at J&Beyond and the JWC events.

An avid rower on the Thames, juggler, cricket fan, warm beer tasting expert and unicyclist, he is also a patented inventor and is owned by many cats that take terns in looking after him.

Designing the Joomla 4 landing page - part 1

August-J4landingpage Joomla 4 landing page

On becoming Media and Communications Director I worked through the jobs that were on the to-do lists. One looked so simple - Joomla 4 landing page.

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GSoC 2021 - Candidates announced


GSoC 2021 Candidates were announced by Google on Monday 17th May 2021.

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Searching for a GSoC Student

April-GSoC GSOC team

The mission: Recruit about 20 mentors to help guide four students through four projects that will ideally be integrated into future releases of Joomla 4.

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Tooling up to write good software. We had it so easy in the early days!


When we come to writing software and contributing to a major Open Source project there is much to consider. And that's often the problem.

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